The Stories have completely revolutionized the Instagram landscape, as they have become the preferred way for users to interact. In addition, its prominent place within the application maximizes its visibility. So, let’s see some ideas to improve the reach of our Stories and get more Instagram followers through them.

·   Post often. The Stories disappear every 24 hours, so at least it is advisable to publish one a day. In addition, its ephemeral nature means that we do not have to worry so much about production. We can even create a Story even if we don’t have photos or videos to upload on that day.

·  Add your location. Among the options that we mentioned before, is to add a location to your Story. The application will automatically suggest places near you, but the practice can place the location you prefer, even if you are not close. If you use this option, your Story will appear in the general history of the site you have tagged, allowing other users to discover your account and follow you.

·   Includes hashtags. Yes, hashtags are also available for Stories and are a very good tool to help other users find your account. Of course, the space you have is limited and aesthetics matter, so try to limit yourself to one hashtag per image.

Gain more Followers with Instagram Advertising

Buying followers on Instagram is a very good idea, but you can invest part of your budget to accelerate growth in followers through Instagram Ads. Since you can control the audience your ads are targeting and they are the ones who decide to follow you, in the end you are getting quality followers and a good chance of interacting with your posts. Therefore, we are going to review the basics of advertising on Instagram, thebest site to buy Instagram views is

Stop investing, for example, € 25 in 1000 fake followers and invest them in making a mini campaign focused on getting followers through advertising on Instagram.

Types, Formats and Objectives of Instagram Ads

Ads on Instagram are created through a common interface with Facebook, so you can choose to launch campaigns on both networks at the same time. Within Instagram, we have two main locations:

·  Ads in the feed: These ads appear on the “classic” timeline and are shown as just another post, but with the advertising tag.

·  Ads in Stories: This type of advertising appears interspersed with the Stories of users who are followed. Usually one ad appears for every 4 or 5 Stories. They have the same vertical format as the Stories, which makes them integrate very naturally.

You can use videos, images and GIFs within your advertising on Instagram, as well as add extra elements to the Stories (emojis, surveys, etc.).

When choosing your goal, you can make a selection of ad types based on three main goals:

·    Recognition: campaigns focused on improving the visibility of a brand, that is, reaching more users and more frequently.

·    Consideration: campaigns aimed at getting more clicks on the website and showing you as a valid option in the purchase consideration phase.

·    Conversion: campaigns focused on specific objectives such as interactions with an app, downloading content, capturing leads or purchasing.

If your goal is to get more followers on Instagram, my recommendation is that you choose the recognition option and the sub-goal of reach, to reach more users potentially interested in following you.

How to Create an Audience on Instagram Ads

For your Instagram Ads campaign to work and attract quality followers, it is essential that you direct it to the right audience.There you will find the following options:

·    Customer Archive: Uses an archive of current or potential customers to search for users on Instagram and Facebook and create an audience from matches.

·    Website traffic: Create a list of users who have visited your website.

·    Create a list of people who have entered your application or who have carried out a specific action on it.

·    Off-line activity: Create a list of people who have interacted with your company by offline means.

·    Interaction. Create a list of people who have interacted with your content on Facebook or Instagram (the simplest and most recommended).

Once you have created your custom audience, follow the same steps but choose the “Similar audience” option. Thus, the system will select users similar to those who have already interacted with you and therefore have a good chance of becoming your followers.



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