It’s a great opportunity for upcoming architects to learn from Majed Veysel’s projects. Many architects and photographer respect and look up to him because of his amazing work experience. Majed has often times guided world to the beauty of his art. He shows another side of world by his work.
The person, who feels boring by looking at the architectural work, gets excited after seeing the awesome work done by Majed.

We not only show the beauty but also enhance the beauty by giving it different angles of clicks. His project dedicates the students of architects and photography. His sense of art inspires many students.

Philosophy Of Art

Majed is the person who has exposed the different shades of Black and White. As Andri Cauldwell once said: “To see in color is a charm for the eye but to see in black and white is a charm for the soul.” This philosophy also explains the sense of Majed great picture ideas. It narrates the beauty of black and white itself.

Only those who can see the beauty in a black and white composition are qualified enough to witness the moment of a scene and clicking it.

Today the way of thinking of workmanship has reached wherever because of the online networking. Workmanship influencers are equipped for arriving at a huge number of individuals through their specialty in a flash, and it’s simply entrancing how their work can contact their lives paying little heed to the individuals’ experience.

Sky’s the cutoff with regards to the excellence of craftsmanship and Majed Veysel, who shows the world that being an expert in engineering and photography is in reality simple on the off chance that you realize that what steps to take during your profession. He on one occasion told, “Sometimes when you lose your way in the fog, you end up in the best places.”

A Clean Taste Of Art

Everyone has a completely different opinion while having the taste of art. There are very few pre-eminent architects who give of completely different vision of the world with their black and white art. Majed Veysel is one of those pre-eminent artists. Buildings, bridges and sculptures are the main focus of Majed’s photographs because he is also an acclaimed architect. In his artworks, one can clearly realize his love for architecture and photography.

In 2017, Majed graduated from “Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi”. Before graduating he studied in American school in Aleppo. Currently, he is doing his master in architecture. In 2016, He was an intern in Italy and now he is well-known for his work on the Skyland Istanbul Highest Skyscraper. He has also been honored with several awards as an accomplished architect.

Majed’s Instagram is filled with glorious photographs of design of beautiful places like Torino, Turkey Rome and a lot more. He is best in his work. His project has also been featured in the Adobe 2017 publications.

He believes that art is the beauty which has limits. Anything that has been made with creativity, passion or hard work is called the real Art. It is something that makes a connection between the viewer and the creator.



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