sexual fantasies

All women, no wait, most women have sexual fantasies. If they are aware of their bodies and sexual needs, then they would have thought about it. As a woman, I can say that I have been having sexual fantasies even before I lost my virginity. Having a sexual fantasy helps me get aroused and I even masturbate to it. Now we all know how important sexual release is and fantasies help. There is a long list of sexual fantasies that women may have and here are five of them.


Women do fantasize about being tied up and then pleasured. This doesn’t necessarily mean using handcuffs, but a soft scarf will also do. The fantasy goes like this. She comes home and the man wanted to pleasure her. So, he ties her hands and then decides to go down on her, lick and suck her clit. At the same time, he plays with her nipples, all the while restraining her. There is something so naughty, so carnal about this I get wet every time I think of it.

Outdoor sex

Outdoor sex, voyeurism or even exhibitionism, all of this could be a female’s sexual fantasy. I know mine is. The thought of being seen while getting fingered can set my heart racing. There is some sexual adventure involved as you never know what getting caught might be like. There is also a touch of danger getting caught when you are doing the hanky panky. And I just love it. I have fantasized about numerous ways I can have sex or even get fingered in a public place.

Oral sex

Oral sex in the bedroom is never a fantasy really. But oral sex, out of the blue, in a car, for example, is definitely one to desire. It may not be penetrative sex, but oral sex shows how intimate tow people can be. A lot of men don’t like going down on a woman, so many just fantasize about being tongued or their clit being sucked on. And man, that just raises the temperatures. Wooh!


Some women do like being spanked. I didn’t know I liked it until one man actually did it. And that time I didn’t feel pain, only pleasure. It was almost like my pussy was responding each time he squeezed my ass and spanked my butt. Ever since then it has been a fantasy of mine to be spanked. I could be wearing a teeny skirt without panties and I’d be asked to lie on the man’s lap as he spanked me. And then suddenly without warning, he would push his fingers in my vagina and finger fuck me. Then he would just alternate between spanking and fingering. This fantasy just gets me off.


Now there is a reason why 50 Shades of Grey was such a hit. Women loved how Christian dominated and pleasured Ana. Being dominated is a common fantasy in women and they want to feel being fucked and dominated. But only in the sexual sense. Forcefully being kissed and then fucked may be a fantasy that a lot of us think of and appreciate form a trustworthy man. And that’s how a man can satisfy a woman as well.

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