BROOKLYN, NY — Hours before the NBA trade deadline was about to pass, the blockbuster trade involving James Harden for Ben Simmons finally went down.

Per ESPN’s Adrian Wojarnowski, the Brooklyn Nets are sending the 2017-2018 NBA MVP Harden to Philadelphia for Simmons.

The deal, pending league approval, involves the aforementioned Harden while also including Paul Millsap will send the two to Philly for Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond and two first round picks.

It is no big secret that both players were unhappy in their current situations in Brooklyn and Philadelphia. In the case of Simmons, his reluctance to shoot is more noteworthy than his All-World defense that he plays.

In Brooklyn, Simmons will be able to lock down on the opposing team’s best scorer. How he will pair up with Kyrie Irving, remains to be seen, however the hidden gem in this mega-deal may actually be Seth Curry, as he likely will become the new part-time point guard running things for Steve Nash’s crew, due to Irving’s vaccination status.

For the Sixers, the franchise finally rid themselves of the proverbial migraine that was Simmons, however it seems the franchise is getting a bigger one in Harden, who is now on his third team in five years, following stops in Houston, the aforementioned Nets and now Philadelphia.

While he was never vocal about wanting to leave Brooklyn, his effort and body language on the court spoke volumes. Now in Philly playing alongside, arguably the league’s best big man—and MVP front runner—in Joel Embiid, the time is now for Harden to finally escape the shadows of his own selfishness.

If Harden can replicate his early career success of working with big men, like he did with Clint Capela down in H-Town, then the Sixers may have captured lightning in a bottle. A Harden-Embiid pick-and-roll is bound to put the fear of God into all teams.

The time is now for both Harden and Simmons. No more excuses. Both players got their wish in getting out of their old situation. Hopefully, both will finally be able to live up to their marquee names.

3 Replies to “NBA Trade Deadline: Harden Dealt To Sixers For Simmons, Curry, Drummond and Two First-Round Picks”

  1. Wow
    What a crappy article
    First, Seth Curry is not a PG. You literally mention Kyrie in the article and think Curry is the teams PG??? He’s a natural SG
    Second, Cliff Capela is not a real player. Perhaps research a players name first.
    Last, the Soxers do not exist.
    Proofreading and knowledge go a long way in making your bushleague site seem reputable. Perhaps focus on that

    1. Interesting is Stephen Curry not a point guard either?

      Is it possible that Curry could play both roles? Most likely yes.

    2. Kevin,

      And a wow back at you for such a crappy troll job. While I rarely waste my limited time responding to wannabe grammar Nazis/keyboard clowns such as yourself, I make an exception in your case.

      1.) Curry is technically a “combo guard” as he can play either the 1/2, and will most likely be the PG in Brooklyn due to the departure of Harden and Ky-Me being a part-time player. Judging from your grammar structure and tone, you sound very frustrated about something deeper than my “crappy article” you might want to focus on that instead.

      If you actually bothered to read my article, I stated that Curry is a hidden gem in the deal due to his ability to play PG, due to Kyrie’s vax status, so perhaps work on your comprehension skills a bit more.

      2.) Aside from the minor typos on “Soxers” and Capela you might want to check the proper use of “player’s*” first since it’s being used in a possessive manner. I cut my teeth at BR as the Browns featured columnist and ran the now-defunct Rant Media as their Network Manager and helped land our content on ESPN, so I’d gladly put my over 20 years of content management, editing, writing and knowledge over some TikTok tween loser pounding away on a keyboard at his parent’s basement. And if you want to try and attack my site and magazine, you should know that my “bushleague” site has been credentialed and covered The Heisman, Pro Football Hall of Fame, shoot the Denver Nuggets , the NBA Hall of Fame Induction highlighted by the late Kobe and I will personally be on hand in attendance for All-Star Weekend here in Cleveland, someplace you’ll never be.

      Now please take you lame small dick energy somewhere else.

      Have a good night.

      Thank you!

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