If you are looking to dress in a cheerleader costume for your next Halloween party, you might want to model yourself after some actual famous cheerleaders. If you can model yourself after one of these real life cheerleaders, your cheerleader costume is going to look all that much better and more authentic too. So, what are some of the most famous cheerleaders in the world?

1. Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler was at one time George Clooney’s girlfriend. She was also a long time WWE superstar, actually quite a popular one. At this time, she’s an actress and model, but she used to be a very popular cheerleader in the NFL. Stacy was one of the head cheerleaders for the Baltimore Ravens. Although it was a while ago, she is definitely somebody you can model some cheerleader costumes after.

2. Sarah Shahi

Sarah Shahi may be best known for her acting work on the popular TV show The L-Word. However, before her acting career began, she was a well-known and beloved cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys. When it comes to the best cheerleader costumes out there, her long cowboy boots and blue Texas stars are a good choice to model after for your next Halloween getup.

3. Teri Hatcher

You might know Teri best from her work as one of the Desperate Housewives on Wisteria Lane, as well as from her work as Lois Lane, Superman’s lover. However, long before she began her acting career, she was a well-established cheerleader. She was cheering on football squads as early as 1984, when she was cheering for the San Francisco 49ers, specifically for the legendary Joe Montana.

4. Phyllis Smith

While it might not seem like an obvious choice, back in her hay day, Phyllis Smith was a big time cheerleader for the St. Louis Cardinals. While this was well over 30 years ago, she has not been forgotten. You might actually recognize her as a character on the beloved comedy The Office–and in movies such as Bad Teacher and Inside Out–where funny enough, her character’s name was also Phyllis. In terms of cheerleader costumes, if would like to stay a little more old school and conservative, she is a good choice to model after.

5. Charisma Carpenter

Without a doubt, you have seen this woman many times before. For one, she played a leading role in the hugely popular Buffy The Vampire Slayer, as well as in the spin-off Angel. Charisma was actually also one of the super sexy Baywatch girls too. More than two decades ago, she was a great cheerleader for the San Diego Chargers. If you want to combine cheerleader costumes with a cool 80s/90s hairdo, this is a great starting point to keep in mind.

6. Kiana Tom

You might know Kiana Tom from her own Kiana’s Flex Appeal videos, an at home fitness and exercise program she recorded quite a few years ago. She also appeared on The Drew Carrey Show several times, and she even has her very own fitness program on ESPN. However, long before she did any of that, she was a so called Raiderette, a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders. Cheerleader costumes like hers are always quite popular and they definitely make for a good Halloween night.

Cheerleaders & Their Costumes

Whether it is a cheerleader from the 80s, 90’s, or from right now, there are always good choice to model yourself after for your next costume party! Try to make it authentic, because when it comes to this kind of thing, that is what counts the most.

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