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Sex: Ten Things Not To Say To A Guy In Bed!

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We’ve all been there. We’re in the throws of passion and we spit out lines like nobody’s business. Hell I’ve been there. You’ve been there. But did you ever catch yourself saying something you knew you shouldn’t have?

Eesh. Could there be a more awkward moment than being mid or right about to have sex and you know your guy just got really ticked off?

If anything, avoid saying these things to a guy in bed.

  1. “Is it in yet?”

What he’s saying to himself: This can be taken one of two ways, you aren’t very well hung or she’s been around the block a few too many times.

  1. “I want to watch you sleep.” 

What he’s saying to himself: That’s pretty damn creepy. Want to make a voodoo doll as well while you’re at it?

  1. “That’s it?” 

What he’s saying to himself: It’s just rude, guys are much easier to get off than girls don’t hurt his ego like that!

  1. “My ex used to… “ 

What he’s saying to himself: Nothing is worse than hearing about your girl’s ex, especially in bed.  Maybe her ex helped her achieve total sextacy but let’s not talk about it!

  1. “It’s my first time.”  

What he’s saying to himself: A virgin in the sack means she will probably be terrible and extremely emotional.

  1. “My husband is home!”  

What he’s saying to himself: Run!

  1. “Can’t you just hold me?”

What he’s saying to himself: It doesn’t take a lot for guys to get turned on.  When a guy’s revved up and a girl just wants to cuddle after laying in bed and rolling around…that’s the last thing guys want to hear.  Better learn to just cuddle.

  1. “I read in a magazine that men like their anus touched.” 

What he’s saying to himself: Ew off limits!  Exit only!  Unless you’re into that sort of thing…

  1. “It happens to everyone.” 

What he’s saying to himself: Doesn’t make me feel any better that I can’t get it up!

  1. Snoring.  

What he’s saying to himself: Huge turn off. Get some kind of medication for that!


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