Last night a draft opinion on Roe V Wade was leaked to Politico showing that the landmark ruling regarding abortion rights and access was likely to get overturned by the Supreme Court. If this is the case then it means pro-lifers are in the spotlight.

Wait, I actually want to get the verbiage, right. It’s not pro-lifer, it’s pro-birth. Sorry sometimes I get confused. Though you should not.

Conservatives love to say they are pro-life especially on social media. Yet more often than not what they do and vote on shows a completely different story. In other words they are hypocrites. Here are some examples as to why.

They are against comprehensive sexual education. Many European countries start it in kindergarten and it is not exactly shocking that the teenage pregnancies do not even remotely come close to that of the United States especially when it comes to the states in the “bible belt.”

Those who have wealth will send their mistresses to other countries where abortion is legal. How many stories have there been about a conservative politician doing exactly that? Once again it is the poor who will suffer if Roe V Wade is overturned.

Now if these pro-birthers were actually pro-life then minimum wage would definitely jump from $7.25 an hour, healthcare, mental healthcare, and dental care would become affordable, the foster care system gets a complete overhaul, and adopting a child would become affordable. So in other words they only care about the birth, not of the actual life itself.

A week ago I saw an article on the suicide rate of youth and young adults and it continues to climb at a staggering percentage. Why have I not seen anything about those who consider themselves pro-life? What policies have been created or introduced to help slow down the rate? The answer is zero.

Let us not forget that these are the same people who refuse to make gun safety a priority. Will argue about what the Second Amendment says, yet fail to address that it also says a “well established militia.”

What is also interesting to see is the judgment from those who are pro-life when a family needs assistance with putting food on the table, keeping the utilities on, etc… They will call them handouts, claim they do not work, and are lazy. Which is truly sad.

Even worse according to a report I saw, 33.3 percent of homeless are families. Again where are the pro-lifers to help them out? Once again nowhere.

Lastly the United States is the only industrialized country in the world that has seen the rates of maternal fatalities increased. I also keep seeing tweets using bible quotes about the womb or that life begins at conception. Yet a miscarriage, still birth, and ectopic pregnancy shows that this is absolutely false.

I cannot even begin with forcing anyone to have a child after being raped. It is unconscionable. So can we please stop pretending that those who call themselves pro-life are actually pro-life?

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