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All copyrights belong to Mariangela Quiroga.

Paola Baldión Shares her Pregnancy Experience During 2020

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Being pregnant is a unique and wonderful journey. Those who decide to embark on it know they will face multiple challenges, but in the end it will have been worth it. Paola Baldión, a Colombian actress, is facing unprecedented events during her pregnancy. As she prepares to welcome her daughter alongside her husband, she has to live through a global pandemic, riots fighting against racial tensions, looting, and various political issues. Throughout the last few months, she has been sharing her pregnancy experience in a YouTube docuseries.

For Alma, a docuseries with three available episodes so far, shows the life Paola and her husband are living through quarantine while her baby grows in the safety of her womb. Every video has become part of a time capsule Alma will one day open and watch to have a better understanding of her parents and the world in which she was conceived. A compilation of anecdotes, current events, and special messages for her daughter, makes us witnesses of this very unique experience the actress is going through.

All copyrights belong to Mariangela Quiroga.

What does being pregnant involve in 2020? Paola shows the world many different aspects. Facemasks. A husband disinfecting groceries at the door. Loved ones finding out about the pregnancy via FaceTime. Stolen shoes. Protestors hiding in her backyard. A basket of free guavas for her neighbors. Her journey is completely different from what she pictured it to be when she dreamed about motherhood.

Viewers can take one look at the docuseries and immediately see Paola’s colorful environment shine through the screen. There is a sense of happiness in every montage, and throughout the minutes of recording we do not see her lose her smile or her joy regarding her pregnancy. This gives a feeling of hope to all other pregnant women in a journey similar to hers. Even though her experience is not a normal one, this soon-to-be mom is making the best out of it.

In sharing her experience, Paola Baldión remarks–particularly in episode three–this has been a year for awakening. People are no longer accepting the oppression form the most privileged classes. At the end of the episode, she tells Alma she hopes the world she lives in has changed from the world in which her parents recorded that video. This goes to show while pregnant Paola does what she can to join forces with those who want to see change happen. Her time capsule is also a love letter to her daughter in which she speaks her wishes for Alma to have a good life and grow up knowing she has been loved from minute one.

Paola Baldión shares her pregnancy experience during 2020 through 15-minute videos. While talking to her unborn child, she tells the world it is not easy to be pregnant during a global pandemic. However, she has not lost her smile and the pride she feels when showing her baby bump. 2020 is probably the least ideal year to be pregnant, but this resilient Colombian proves it is still as magical and unique. Make sure to give For Alma a look and see the world captured by two expecting parents for their unborn daughter to understand.

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