Russ Lerner is a partner of both Elapath and Gismidstream. He partnered with both companies since their interception, and has always contributed to the growth of both companies. Lerner has over 30 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry with a proven track record in business conception, development, and financial management. He spent his first 21 years in the oil and gas industry as an independent contractor with ADNOC group. He managed a variety of increasingly complex engineering projects and general management roles in the Dubia United Emirates, before venturing into the business world as an accountant and business manager.

Lerner has always been a philanthropist who always strives to help everyone he meets by supporting their dreams. He contributes to several foundations like The Breast Cancer Foundation for Sarah (TBCFS) to help her successfully carry out her services and responsibilities.

His grants will fund efforts to address the high breast cancer mortality rate for women who are likely to die from the disease.

“No woman should be more likely to die from a breast cancer diagnosis,” said Russ Lerner. Through his grant supporting The Breast Cancer Foundation for Sarah (TBCFS), these disparities will be addressed.

One of Lerner’s longtime initiatives and a significant funding priority has been to encourage women to get mammograms. Catching cancer early, before it has a chance to grow or metastasize when it might presumably be more comfortable to treat, seems like a great idea.

This is why he is pushing for an initiative that will work to advance research into new treatments for aggressive and metastatic disease and leverage next-generation technology that can detect breast cancer at its earliest stages to prevent recurrence and metastasis.

“People die of breast cancer for two reasons: a lack of quality health care for breast cancer patients that is accessible to everyone, and a lack of treatments for the diseases. We should take the right actions to solve these problems and reduce breast cancer deaths by half in the U.S. before the next decade.” Said Russ Lerner.

Lerner’s philanthropic activities are driven by a deeply rooted belief in humanity, and a conviction that the world thrives when we prioritize treating others with compassion, dignity, and respect for diversity. He has contributed more than $1 billion to programs spanning a range of causes, from breast cancer foundations to poverty alleviation to human rights to disaster relief.

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