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Sleeping is a normal activity that is performed by all living things and to get sound sleep is inevitable for all. It is essential to rest for a while after being awake the whole day and working. The human body needs to rest at night and sleep well. It has been seen that people who are not able to sleep properly at night do not function very well. In adults, 7 to 9 hours of shut-eye is important and missing out on it can make a person grumpy and groggy. Improper sleep patterns can cause the brain to malfunction as well. This puts a risk on physical health and mental abilities. The heart suffers and the immune system takes a beating. There are memory problems, weight gain, decreased libido and are people are unable to focus. It is like the body is running on fumes and can collapse any moment. Hence sound sleep is essential to have a healthy life.

Here are a few simple tips to get sound sleep.

Exposure to light

Be careful about the times you are exposed to bright lights. Exposure to bright lights during the day is good as it tells the body to stay awake. Bright light or natural lights in the day keeps a healthy circadian rhythm. However, such exposure at night can have the opposite effect on the human body. So, it is better if you don’t use bright lights at night. Bright lights can stop the production of sleep-inducing hormones and cause sleeplessness. This means that even using laptops or mobile phones in the dark can inhibit sleep.

Avoid daytime and irregular naps

Long naps during the day can affect the night’s sleep a sit confuses the internal clock. Short power naps are great to feel refreshed during the day, but if they exceed 30 minutes then it can harm the sleep quality at night. However, this depends on person to person. Some nap during the day and still sleep well at night. But if you are having sleeping soundly at night then take shorter naps in the day.


Exercise regularly, it is good for the body and helps in clearing the head. Physical exercise in the form of going to the gym or playing a sport ensures that the body feels better and then can sleep at night. Vigorous exercise is good, but if you aren’t able to get that in, light exercises such as walking are good too. Breathing exercises also clear the head and help in reducing stress. If the mind is calm at night, it is easier to sleep and meditation along with deep breathing techniques helps in keeping calm.

Smart eating and drinking

Eat and drink in a smartly, especially if you want to sleep. Avoid caffeine later in the day as it energises the body and keeps one up. Food such as sweets with high sugar content gives you a buzz to keep going. We often see it in kids – the sugar high, this can negatively impact sleep. Try a glass of warm milk at night as it can enable better sleep.

Bedroom design and layout

A bedtime routine along with a calm environment can bring positive effects on a person’s sleep pattern. Keep the room dark and quiet. Maintain cooler temperatures and a hot room can disturb sleep. What has been found that the temperatures used when a person is awake can be warm but when he sleeps it must be reduced a little. Otherwise, he will wake up feeling hot later. Have a comfortable bed that allows space to stretch and turn. A good mattress such as one from Tuft and Needle makes a comfortable sleeping space.

These are simple tips but using them one can get sound sleep at night and wake up happier and refreshed.

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