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Social Media: SEO Tactics That Are No Longer Effective In 2015


November 26, 2015

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In 2015, SEO has become even more challenging for digital marketers. Thanks to the Google Penguin algorithm and Panda updates over the last few years, it is quite obvious that digital marketing as far as Search Engine Optimization is concerned, is going through a constant change.

Due to this volatility, it becomes essential for digital marketers to become smart with their SEO strategies and tactics. They need to stay abreast and quickly adapt to the most advanced guidelines that are implemented by search engines into their algorithms.

Here are some of the tactics that can safely be called obsolete in 2015.

Getting More Links for a Higher Ranking

In the past, the focus was on building more and more links without really analyzing linking domain. This was how a typical SEO was supposed to function in the past. This contributed to a higher rank for your website.

Even today in 2015, building links is integral to ranking factors.

However, today you must concentrate on building links in a completely different way than you did in the past. With the introduction of Penguin 2.0 in May 2013, it is far more important to concentrate on the quality of links rather than simply on the quantity. Sometimes less can prove to be more if you have the expertise to develop links in a proper manner.

Writing Keyword-Rich Content Gets You Better Ranking

Today Google implements LSI (latent semantic indexing). In this kind of indexing, the webpage’s contents are actually crawled by search engines. The words or phrases that are most common are actually combined as well as identified as the page’s keywords. LSI also, identifies all the synonyms that are connected or relevant to the target keywords.

Today emphasis is on optimizing your page for better user experience. You no longer require injecting exact keywords into the content. You simply need to come up with the content for the user.

You could be using synonyms and other associated terms, but the search engines would still understand exactly what your objectives are. Consult the renowned Utah SEO Services Guide for learning more.

Focusing Primarily on Content and Links

Around five years back, SEO concentrated chiefly on getting lots of links, okay content and good code. However, today the top ranked websites boast of a huge social following. A strong fan base is said to directly or even indirectly impact rankings.

The more socially popular and acceptable your website is, it would attract more attention and definitely more traffic.

Building More Pages for Getting More Traffic

Until sometime back, emphasis was on creating more pages for getting more traffic to any website. In the current scenario, simply by developing content just for the heck of having more pages, does not really work.  You must focus on the quality of the content rather than just the quantity. If the quality of the content is not up to the mark, you would not get a good ranking.

Keep in mind that in the year 2011 Google’s Panda algorithm has been launched for detecting poor content. Panda algorithm updates are becoming more and more efficient in detecting bad quality content. Learn more in detail by browsing through the latest SEO guide by examiner.com.

Ranking Higher for Getting More Traffic

Higher rankings do not always imply more search traffic. People would definitely be seeing your listing, but that may not mean that your webpage would achieve more click-through. You may not achieve more CTR if you do not follow the correct keyword strategy and also, if the Meta descriptions are not welcoming and appealing to the user.

You could consider using AdWords for creating a brilliant keyword strategy relevant to your business and don’t forget to use fascinating Meta descriptions to pull in more traffic to the site.

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