The forthcoming NFL football season is going to be an instigative one with numerous new quarterbacks in the league, fresh blood ready to showcase their stylish gift, and the utmost of them playing in the same conference.

The NFL’s 103rd season is scheduled to begin in 2022. The season should be starting on the eighth of September 2022. The Los Angeles Rams, who are the current champions, start off the season facing the Buffalo Bills in the NFL Kickoff Game, and end on the eighth of January 2023.

During the NFL owners’ meetings in Palm Beach, Florida, the league approved two new rules.

The Overtime Rule

The first change, proposed by Indianapolis and Philadelphia, will allow both teams an occasion to retain the ball in overtime. However, also sudden death rules apply, and the coming score will win the game If the game remains tied after each team holds one possession.

In the NFL’s old rules, the side that first plays defense in extra time was not guaranteed the overtime possession. They’d get the ball if only they forced a fumble, or by limiting their opponents to a field goal. Even though they allow a score, they will have an opportunity for a disproof.

However, sudden death over time would also begin when the score remains equal after the teams have had a turn. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the rule change will be permanent.

The new overtime regulation in the NFL is only applicable to postseason games. It’s worth noting that regular-season overtime games will still have a sudden death element if the first side to receive the ball scores.

Reason Why NFL Changed Its Overtime Regulations

The NFL modified its overtime regulation to alleviate the significance of the extra-time flip of a coin. NFL Director Roger Goodell stated that the decision was memory-based, saying that seven of the 12 postseason games played under the previous model (introduced in 2010) were won on the opening possession.

The Free Kick Formation Rule

The second accepted rule modification, recommended by the Competition Committee, renders the free-kick formation adjustment implemented during the 2021 season permanent. It imposed a maximum set of participants in the set-up zone, with the goal of engaging and competition.

“Until the ball is kicked, all receiving teammates should be on sides and behind their restraining line, and a minimum of 8, but not more than 9, players should be positioned within their restraining line and a place 15 yards behind their restraining line” ( the” setup zone”).


With these new changes and others that are suggested in this Thai coverage article, everyone can finally smile, knowing that a coin no longer decides the outcome of the NFL games. These changes are going to make the game more intriguing.


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