The St. Louis Rams have signed undrafted free agent Terrell Brown this week. Brown was officially listed as 388 pounds before the draft, but after completing some tests with the Rams, it turns out he is 15 pounds heavier.

Brown played his college football at Ole Miss, playing most of his games on the defensive line, the Rams plan on moving him to the o-line for the upcoming season.

Rams’ coach Jeff Fisher told reporters that Brown is likely to be a right tackle. Brown will definitely be a big road block for a defensive end.

Brown is starting to grab media attention, as the lineman is not only over 400 pounds, but he is 6’10”. He joins Morris Stroud as the tallest players in NFL history.

There have been other 400 pound players before, but the number is not high. The players that are listed above 400 pounds include Dallas Cowboy’s guard Nate Newton and Green Bay Packers’ defensive tackle Gilbert Brown.The Rams are taking a risk here, but there is a high reward in Brown.

The worst: Brown does not start or will not be able to stop the defensive players from getting to his quarterback. He will not be a solid contributor to the team and not get another chance. However, the Rams only signed him as an undrafted free agent, so he did not cost much.

The best: Brown starts and is very effective in his position. Brown stays healthy and eventually becomes a perennial all-pro.


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