Anniversaries are a meaningful occasion meant for showcasing how glad you are that your significant other came into your life. While this special date often gets overlooked in the banality of one’s daily existence, it’s important to mark the occasion and show your beloved that you can still surprise her.

Here are some of the best surprise anniversary gifts for her.

An Anniversary Bouquet Delivery

When it comes to anniversary gifts, you can’t go wrong with a surprise flower delivery. There are various anniversary flower bouquets to choose from, fitting your wife’s style preferences or milestone anniversary dates. For a really special bouquet to celebrate your anniversary, choose a bouquet that includes your original wedding flowers.

For an extra special gift, consider signing up for a flower subscription and having a bouquet delivered every month. This incredible gift will be a monthly reminder of how special your soul mate truly is and will carry you through to your next anniversary.


A Treasure Hunt

For the spouse that prefers experiences over things, put together an extra special treasure hunt. Incorporate places and experiences that have meaning within your relationship, such as a champagne toast at the place you first met or dinner at the restaurant where you had your first date.

Incorporate other things that mean a lot to your other half along the way, such as a manicure at her preferred salon or a treat from her favorite bakery. Get creative and get personal for a wonderful anniversary gift she won’t soon forget.


A Traditional Gift

If your significant other has a penchant for tradition, use the traditional anniversary gifts as your gift-giving guide. These traditional gifts span from paper for the first year to diamonds for your sixtieth.

Remember that these traditional gifts are meant to be a source of inspiration that you can adjust as needed to fit modern practices. For example, the paper gift could be your wedding song printed on handcrafted paper and framed. The fifth anniversary gift of wood could be anything from a birdhouse to a custom jewelry box.

Use the list of anniversary traditions as a starting point and get creative.


A Star

For a great minimalist-inspired list, consider buying a star in your wife’s name. Choose a star that’s close to her favorite constellation or zodiac sign for extra special meaning. Then, take her stargazing for a romantic evening to show her your gift.

Along the same theme, you could also buy your wife a piece of land on the moon or a small plot in a foreign country. Many places offer single-square-foot patches of land so that you can say you’re a landowner in Scotland. It’s a fun, simple gift that’s both humorous and meaningful.

A Year of Dates

The key to a lasting marriage is to never stop dating each other. Surprise your soul mate with a year of dates, sealed in envelopes with everything you need to make them happen. These dates can be catered to fit various budgets and interests, depending on what you need.

Your year of dates could include:


  • A private hike and camping trip
  • Dinner at your favorite restaurant
  • An evening of stargazing
  • A home movie night
  • Board game and fondue night
  • A private cooking or dancing lesson
  • A couple’s massage
  • A day at the carnival
  • A local tourist experience


Pretty much anything you can think of could be included in your year of dates.

A Photoshoot

Many couples find that the only photos they have together are quick smartphone snapshots, family photos, or wedding photos. Get your photo collection up to date with a special couples’ photoshoot. Make the event even better with a surprise makeover session beforehand.

A couples’ photoshoot can be as fun or romantic as you want. Plan for a romantic sunset beach photoshoot together, or keep it fun and casual with a paint fight photo session. If you’re both comfortable with the idea, you could even do a sexy-yet-tasteful boudoir session.


A Bucket List Item

Finally, make all her dreams come true by crossing an item off her bucket list. Whether it’s a hot air balloon trip or touring the Tuscan countryside, plan to amaze her by granting one of her lifelong wishes. This gift idea will take extra planning and coordination and may require some long-term savings, but it will be worth it to see the look on her face.

Use any of these surprising anniversary gift ideas as a starting point, then customize it to suit your other half for the perfect anniversary.




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