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Real Estate: How to Become King of Your Own Castle

So, you’ve decided to give up the renter’s life and take the plunge into home ownership. You’ve already weighed the pros and cons of each style of living and decided it’s time to start house hunting — an exciting endeavor indeed. Here are a few first-time home buyer suggestions to get started on becoming the king of your castle: Buy a Home You Can Afford It sounds like a no-brainer,
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9 Reasons Why You Need to Start an Emergency Fund Today!

By Charlie Brown "You need an emergency fund" – this is a piece of advice you have heard from your mom, friends and possibly your banker as well. However, whether you have acted on it is the real question here. If you have not, then you are among the 33% of the Americans who currently do not have any savings for emergency situations. At this moment, you are possibly conjuring
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Money: Why It’s Time To Clean Up Your Finances This Spring

By Mike John It’s National Financial Literacy Month here in the States. It’s fortuitous that this unofficial holiday lands in April every year — a month when most of the country is doing their best to clear out their homes and finish another annual spring clean. Though seemingly worlds apart on the surface these yearly events go hand in hand when you go a little deeper. To be financially literate
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Finance: Best Strategies To Help Business Owners Save Money

There are lots of ways in which average business owners can reduce spending and keep more cash in the bank. With that in mind, we thought you might benefit from some tips and tricks this morning. Depending on the nature of your company, it might be wise to tailor these suggestions to suit your operation. However, they work well for other modern operations, and so they should produce the same
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Finance: Learn The Characteristics Of Debt-Free People

There are some families who can maintain their finance in a right manner and remain debt free. Let us say, Family #1 repays off a debt of $40,000 within 2 years, having an annual income of $35000. On the other hand, Family #2 earns $100,000 per year, but is not able to repay off the same amount of debt within the same time. Now, what can be the possible reason