My first time hearing Lzzy Hale and Halestorm came at a concert with Staind headlining. I didn’t really know much about or have any expectations when it came to the band or her. Then I heard the opening to “It’s Not You” and I became hooked. 

Vocally there aren’t many better than Hale. She also has a willingness to collaborate with other artists regardless of genre which is truly unique.

So here is a look at the best collaborations of Hale.

Dream Theater featuring Lzzy Hale “Our New World.”

Recently came across the song. All I can say about it though is that it’s lacking something.

Eric Church featuring Lzzy Hale “That’s Damn Rock N’ Roll.”

This got performed at the Country Music Awards. It’s a really good song and it showcases the grittiness of Hale’s voice. Unfortunately country music isn’t really the type of music I enjoy. So it will get listen to occasion. 

“Come Together” with Lzzy Hale, Slash, Gilby Clarke, Linda Perry, Blasko, Matt Sorum and Mike Garson.

This one I haven’t really listened too much. Yet this is one of my favorite songs by The Beatles. From what I’ve heard so far it’s a really good cover.

Halestorm featuring Amy Lee “Break In.” 

There has been a lot of comparisons between Hale and Lee which makes them working together interesting. It’s good, yet something feels missing between the two versions of “Break In.”

Machine Gun Kelly featuring Lzzy Hale “Spotlight.”

The song is tremendous, the lyrics are outstanding, and the only thing that keeps it ranked this low is that the song needs more Lzzy

Apocalyptica featuring Lzzy Hale “Talk to Me.” 

This has what “Our New World” is lacking. It also shows off Hale’s vocals more.

Device featuring Lzzy Hale “Close My Eyes Forever.” 

I used to listen to the song a lot more. Was excited about Lzzy working with David Draiman and it didn’t disappoint. 

Seether featuring Lzzy Hale “Broken.” 

In my opinion this is the best illustration of the differences between Lee and Hale.

Mark Morton and Lzzy Hale “She Talks To Angels.” 

There’s nothing like an acoustic setting for Hale to show off her amazing vocals and she did on this one.

In This Moment featuring Maria Brink, Lzzy Hale, and Taylor Momesen “We Will Rock You”

What’s there to say? Three incredibly talented vocalists on one song. This can definitely go on repeat.

Cory Marks feautring Lzzy Hale “Out in the Rain.” Honestly when it comes to country music it’s not one of my favorites. Yet Marks has an amazing voice, Hale shows off her powerful vocals, and the two work brilliantly together.

The HU  featuring Lzzy Hale “Song of Women.” Mongolian rock, Hale’s powerful vocals and amazing lyrics such as:

“I am fire
I am water
I am empress
I am thunder
am flower
I am wonder
I’m the object
Of your desire
I am beauty
I am grace
I am faith”

Shinedown featuring Lzzy Hale”Shed Some Light” and “Breaking Inside.”

Hale singing along with Brent Smith? Does it get any better? Two of the best vocalists working together on two songs. The answer is no. Both songs are amazing.

Alter Bridge featuring Lzzy Hale “Watch Over You.” 

Myles Kennedy added Lzzy to an already incredible song. Hard to believe that there is anything better. 

Avenged Sevenfold featuring Lzzy Hale “Wish You Were Here.” 

Another example of how incredible her voice is when she comes in for the first time singing so. It’s amazing how Hale can mesmerize you with her voice.

Lindsey Sterling featuring Lzzy Hale “Shatter Me.”

The power of Lzzy’s vocals in this song reminds me of “The Familiar Taste of Poison.” Which makes it more difficult to not place it as the best collaboration.  

Halestorm featuring James Michael “Private Parts.”

Lzzy opens the song up with an attention grabbing question. The song itself is all about being vulnerable with someone you care about. 

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