Search engines are almost as old as the internet itself. Optimizing websites to make them appear at the top of search engines was not important back then. But nowadays, it’s one of the essentials that can keep a business afloat online. The law industry’s landscape has been slowly shifting over the years to digital platforms to accommodate the new and huge baseline of users that need attorney services. Since most people don’t have an attorney of their own, the internet has become the place to go to when they try to find a lawyer. Law firms are using digital marketing techniques to expand their business and attract new clients extensively. SEO is usually the first choice since it’s a long-term investment that allows the business to flourish in the long run.

This is an overview of the advantages and true power SEO can deliver to law firm marketing.

Increasing Conversion

Proper law firm SEO doesn’t only care about increasing traffic, but also conversion rates. Without converting visitors, traffic doesn’t really matter as the business requires clients to use an attorney for their services to be profitable. Using call-to-action techniques and other encouraging content will urge users to use your services.

When it comes to conversion, it’s important to provide visitors with all the information they need to make an informed decision about your services. Unfortunately, though, as mentioned on, most attorneys are too busy to invest their time, energy, and technical knowledge to create a long-term SEO campaign and miss out on this opportunity. While increasing traffic requires proper design and content, the conversion of visitors may require perfecting it. SEO for law firms is the best way to ensure that your visitors find what they need on your website to become your clients.


You’ll be hard-pressed to find a business with a good reputation that doesn’t rank well on search engines. SEO helps your law firm increase its credibility by providing the website visitors with high-quality content that keeps them coming back for more. Fast and well-designed websites make users trust it more which could translate to a higher rate of conversion. If your potential clients don’t spend a lot of time on your website, SEO can help you understand why and change that by using the latest techniques in law SEO.

Increase Traffic

Without people coming to your website, it’s as good as dead. Increasing traffic is one of the core missions of SEO. Organic traffic to your website mostly comes from search engines, meaning that SEO for your law firm is going to be your ally. Ranking at the top page of search engines will attract a lot of new customers who use the keywords compatible with your law business. It’s known that the traffic obtained from search engines is more valuable than traffic obtained through social media or other means because users are ready to purchase the services/products.


One of the most alluring benefits of SEO for lawyers is that it gives your law firm the opportunity to publish relevant content that can make your firm become a big name in the digital world as well as the real one. Search engines use content to rank websites according to their relevancy and how much it believes users would be able to benefit from it. Many visitors to your website would visit for the content and stay for other services if they become regulars.

Good Reviews

Since communication over the internet is a hyper version of the traditional ways, people share their experiences online with the touch of a button. Reviews can sometimes make or break a law firm; having proper SEO and a good website will allow you to stay in touch with your clients. A lot of search engines use their own review system that can appear next to your website on the search engine’s results page. The better your reviews are, the more trustworthy your website will look to new visitors.

Smartphone Coverage

Since most of the world use smartphones to search about something on their mind, ignoring that base could mean losing a lot of clients in the long run. SEO for law firms can help you optimize your website to be suitable for those who are using their mobiles to find you. According to many studies, visitors won’t take more than 5 seconds before bouncing off your website to another if it’s not fast enough to load.

The age of traditional marketing is long gone and people are now using the internet to find almost anything they are looking for. Making your website a viable option for all visitors amidst the heat of the competition is the best way to make sure your business can reign at the top of your industry.

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