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The Top 5 Mods You Should Have When Playing Minecraft

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Most of us right now don’t have anything to do while waiting for this pandemic to end. Thankfully, there’s a technology that keeps us busy and entertained. Perhaps one of the best gifts that technology has given us is video games. Sure, you can watch movies or read books, but with video games, there’s just a level of interaction that no movie or book can beat.

When you play video games, you’re part of the story, and most of the time, you’ll be the one who gets to decide how it goes. Often, some games allow you to do almost anything you want within the limits of that game world. These are called sandbox games. Most sandbox games allow your character to build nearly anything from the materials that are scattered in the game world. 

One perfect example of a sandbox game with building elements is the ever so famous Minecraft. In Minecraft, you control a character with no specific goals to finish or do. You can play the game however you want, but there are achievements in the game should you wish to complete them. 

The game world of Minecraft is full of 3D objects, often called blocks. These blocks often represent certain elements in the world, such as trees, dirt, stone, ores, water, lava, and many more. The core gameplay of Minecraft revolves around moving these blocks. There is also a day and night system in the game.

During the night, some creatures may come out and harm you. Some of these creatures are zombies, spiders, skeletons, and creepers. There are several game modes to choose from, including survival mode, hardcore, creative, adventure, spectator, and multiplayer. 


To make the game even better, you can install mods to your game. Here’s a quick guide on how to install minecraft mods. Always check your system before installing any mods. If your system can handle such mods. If your PC can play games such as Dota 2 or PUBG, then your PC can handle minecraft mods. You can only do mods when you’re playing the PC version. Next, make sure you’re running Minecraft: Java Edition.

After making sure everything is set, you can now download Java and Forge. When you’ve already downloaded these components, it’s time to download mods. You can search CurseForge for existing mods to your game. Once you’ve selected a mod, run your game, and your mods will run, given that there are no compatibility issues. With that said, here are the top 5 mods that you should have:

Chisel 2

As mentioned earlier, the world of minecraft is full of blocks. These blocks can look dull and can bore most players. With Chisel 2 activated as a mod, you can add special designs and colors to your blocks. Want a block covered in moss? Chisel 2 has the Ball O’ Moss effect. You can do many more designs available in Chisel 2.

Simply Jetpacks

When you’re playing the game for a long time, you might get tired of moving from point a to point b. With the Simply Jetpacks mod, you can now fly quickly between locations. Who needs to walk when you have a jetpack?

Pam’s Harvestcraft

Want to play minecraft ala stardew valley style? Then Pam’s Harvestcraft is the perfect mod for you. In this mod, you’ll be able to plant fruit and item bearing trees to your heart’s content. Food items such as tofu, fish, and even vegan dishes come with this mod.


Although minecraft doesn’t solely focus on combat, you can still get a hold of some weapons. Want to wield a cool looking crossbow instead of a dull old blade? Download Quiverbow and start shooting some arrows!


Another daunting task in minecraft is mining. It’s hard, it’s tiring, and it takes time. To hurry it up exponentially, download the Caterpillar mod. This mod automates mining and creates tunnels for you as well.


Fight off boredom by playing video games. Minecraft, in particular, is one of the best games you can play nowadays. With the guide on how to install mods mentioned above, you’ll have more fun playing with mods that are easily accessible online.

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