Earlier this month, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady officially announced his NFL retirement. Talking through his Instagram post, Brady revealed he’s no longer willing to make the competitive commitment to the league. However, football fans have been wondering whether Brandy would consider an NFL comeback in the future, as Betway punters continue wagering on league games.

According to Brady’s Instagram statement, the former quarterback has always believed that the football game is all about competitive commitment and players can’t succeed without it. Brady also revealed that he loves succeeding in his career, with the emotional and physical challenge that each game presents allowing him to maximize his potential. However, the former quarterback is hanging his boots after a successful 22-year career.

At 44 years old, Brady is widely known as the NFL’s greatest quarterback in history after winning seven Lombardi trophies. The 44-year-old has also recorded the most championships by a single quarterback and five Super Bowl MVPs.

Brady rewrote a huge part of the league’s record book with the team and personal accomplishments, piling up career records like the most passing yards (84,250) and most touchdown passes (624) in his 22 seasons. However, 20 of these seasons were with the Patriots, a popular NFL team that you can bet on with Betway sports betting in every season.

Considering his achievements throughout his career, Brady has had a thrilling ride far beyond his imagination despite having lots of ups and downs. However, Brady believes that his relationship runs deep with all the coaches and players he was privileged to play with and against despite fierce challenges over the years.

Brady led the Buccaneers to the NFC South Championship this year and Super Bowl last season but has been insisting that he never wanted to get a farewell season. Fortunately, the team’s coaches and executives have embraced Brady’s retirement for the last several weeks, recognizing that it’s likely that he’ll hang his boots after this season.

While announcing his retirement, Brady thanked his Buccaneers teammates, his agents, business partners, and family. The former quarterback didn’t talk about his experience with the Patriots or the organization while reflecting on his career. Nonetheless, he thanked the team and their fans while responding to a statement released by the Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Brady spent 20 seasons with the Patriots and moved to the Buccaneers in 2020 where he immediately racked up the seventh Super Bowl trophy in his career. The 44-year-old ranks as one of the greatest NFL players, finishing with a 35-12 record in the playoffs and 243-73 during the regular season. Brady has also won three MVP titles and has been selected for the Pro Bowl 15 times.

Starting his career as the 199th pick during the 2000 draft, Brady became Drew Bledsoe’s replacement in 2001 and led the Patriots to a Super Bowl title over the Rams who were heavy favorites that season. Brady also led New England to consecutive Super Bowl victories after the 2003-04 seasons. That’s a record that no other team has replicated.

While New England didn’t win another Super Bowl title for over a decade, Brady managed to get his fourth ring in the 2014 season. He also led the team to one of the greatest Super Bowl comebacks two years later, with his sixth championship ring coming in 2018 after helping the Patriots beat the Rams. The former quarterback also reached the NFL playoffs 19 times, went 7-3 in Super Bowls, 10-4 in the conference championships, and won 18 division titles.



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