Without any doubt that the artists and musicians lookout for an independent approach to this music industry. But, going ahead with this task means a lot of hesitation! Musicians, producers, artists, managers, as well as label owners, try to do everything possible. For this reason, the rise of the independent record label might interest you a little! If you are a budding artist looking for an independent record label service then you are at the right place, here we will look at the top 5 independent record label service. Without wasting any time let us start:

  1. Ditto Plus

Ditto Plus is a leading music distribution and marketing services out there. No matter whether you are a label or an artist, you can keep 100 percent of your music rights when you associate with Ditto Plus. The playlists & placement services, strategies and campaign planning, promotion & distribution all will be right to take care of. 

Ditto Music is a popular distributor located in the UK that has its presence across the world and has 19 offices that is a British version of CDBaby and TuneCore. An artist joining the association has to pay the flat rate every year to promote and distribute their music to various streaming services online, and get free ISRC & UPC codes as well as tracking. 

The company has now introduced Ditto Plus that offers social media handling, public relations, digital marketing and promotion, creative design, radio promotion as well as playlist all included in one offering that is similar to what you will get from an independent record label services.

2. Rostrum Records

Rostrum is yet another highly popular and independent record label service established by Benjy Grinberg Rostrum, who is the founder & President of Rostrum Records, in 2003 Pittsburgh, but now the company has shifted to Los Angeles. The list of the roster includes artists like KT Tunstall, DC The Don, Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, Mod Sun, 24hrs, Cornelius, Dwn2Earth, and many more. From the last many years, this independent record label service has sold out millions of albums & singles, whereas discovering new and innovative ways for the artists to get the music and build great relationships with their fans. The main focus of Benjy on the development of their artist has contributed to the success & longevity of Rostrum Records.

3. CD Baby

Next is CD Baby and they are the online distributor of independent music, which is referred to mainly as ‘anti-label’ for the musicians. The company is known to the top record stores online, it’s the digital aggregator, which has high partner status with Apple Music and Spotify platform. The artist can associate with the company and this platform has over 650,000 artists over different types of music, and many different tracks available through various digital streaming services & platforms across the world.

Why is CD Baby the right choice for the artist is they will help you through various other services like publishing administration, vinyl distribution, and offer many more services too? The best part about CD Baby is they offer one-time fees for every release without any recurring costs, so artist finds it great and makes it the best option for the artists to get the music registered with the royalty-collecting societies.

4. Horus Music 

Horus Music is a connection between the creators/artist and the audience, and it is an important role held generally by the record labels. They will distribute your music to the whole world, like record labels, but, they will not lock you in any oppressive deals before getting the music released and this is one thing that makes them different. But, the artist will have to pay a certain fee to keep the music live and for that, they can keep the revenue that your song or music generates.

Horus Music provides many different services like music distribution, marketing, promotion, music video production, and more. But, their primary goal is to be a final destination for any kind of music distribution & promotional requirements.


Next on our list come to AWAL and they offer a variety of music services to the artist without giving up on flexibility, control, and ownership. Having a presence across the world, this independent record label services offer global distribution, promotion, marketing as well as release management, funding, radio and PR, and various other services to the real-time music data & insights through AWAL App. 

The roster ranges from budding and breaking artists to worldwide successes, which includes Tom Misch, R3HAB, Lauv, VÉRITÉ, Bruno Major, Yung Lean, and many more. Being a Kobalt association, AWAL record label is at a forefront of technology and boosting budding artists & driving transparency over the music industry.

6. The Famous Company

Last but not the least; The Famous Company is growing fast right from its launch in the year 2014. It is an independent record label services that are well-rounded as well as covers all your requirements as an artist. Besides several services, The Famous Company offers useful alternatives that many other companies do not even bother. 

With their presence scattered all over the US and UK, The Famous Company offers recording spaces to the artists at a very reasonable and professional cost. 


The independent record labels are the companies that will market your recorded music or videos and will also engage in various functions in the industry that includes new artist recruitment & development, publishing, promoting, and copyright enforcement.

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