By Amelie Lawrence

Hoist is like a crane that is used for lowering and raising loads from one place to another. Sometimes they are also used for moving load horizontally also. They are mechanical devices that are used at construction sites for relocating the loads.

If you need a hoist on your site, then you can search for hoist for sale online and you will find many companies that offer some brand-new hoists and used hoist at cheaper rate.

Sometimes, you will find that people are suggesting that if you have a crane at your construction site then there is no need of a hoist for sale. However, there is difference between the two. Let’s find out first.

Difference between Hoist and crane

The basic similarity between a hoist and a crane is that they both are used for moving objects from one place to another. Although they both are used for moving loads they are different in the way they move load.

· You can use a hoist to lower or raise any load in single direction while a crane can move load, raise and lower them in different direction.

· The design of the hoist is simple while the mechanical design of a crane is complex. The hoist can also be a part of the crane. You can attach the hoist with your crane to move heavy loads.

· Normally an electrical hoist can be either a chain tope type of wire rope type. In construction sites the hoists are used as temporary lift that can raise people to heights easily. On the other hand, there are different types of cranes that include Mobile crane, Side lifter crane, Crawler crane, Truck-mounted crane, Rough terrain crane and many others.

It is clear from the above discussion that if the job requirements at your construction site are that of a hoist then there is no need of buying a crane. A hoist will be cheaper compared to a crane and if you wish to save more look for hoist for sale.

Considerations while buying hoist for sale

If you are buying any new product all you need to do is set your requirement and then buy the item as per your specification. However, when you are buying a hoist for sale you must be a little bit careful and check out other things apart from the specific features.

  • While you look for a hoist for sale and find one you must look at the condition of the hoist. Look out for any damage that the hoist may have. The damage may be cosmetic damage which is easily repairable or there may be issue with the functioning of the hoist. It is better to buy a new hoist for your company otherwise you must pay much amount for the repairing and maintaining for the used hoist.
  • What is the total period for which the hoist is used? Normally this type of products is durable, and they last long, really long. It will be easier for you to calculate the depreciation on the hoist and assess the current value.
  • The brand of the hoist is also an important consideration while you are buying a used one. This is because there are many brands that are more durable compared to other. Thus, if you are buying used hoist then why not go for such brands that manufactures better hoist with more durability.

Buying any asset is a tough decision and when you are investing in a used model you should be more careful. But it is suggested to avoid such used hoist for your business and always choose the brand-new hoist for your company.

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