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UFC Fight Night 59 Recap: McGregor and Henderson Dominate (VIDEO)

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UFC Fight Night 59 delivered on the hype it was built on Sunday night in Boston.

A jam-packed crowd rooted on fan favorite Connor McGregor in the main event against Dennis Siver. McGregor was brimming with confidence and for good reason as he had looked impressive in his four prior UFC fights. The Boston crowd–which is known to support anything Irish–supported McGregor as if he was one of their own. When he entered the arena, the roof almost blew off the TD Garden with roars from the crowd.

His opponent Dennis Siver was not impressed and refused to shake McGregor’s hand after referee Herb Dean gave them the pre-fight instructions in the middle of the octagon. McGregor responded by sticking his middle finger in the face of Siver which in turn caused another huge reaction from the crowd!

Siver started off strong in the opening round, employing the workmanlike, plodding style that he has become known for in his long UFC career. He used a combination of kicks and punches to survive the entire first round, despite taking a beating from McGregor the entire time.

McGregor was relentless with straight left hands to the face of Siver, even knocking out his mouth piece at one point. McGregor continued the onslaught. Siver was desperate and between the beatings he managed to score a few takedown attempts, but McGregor would not allow it and quickly bounced up after every attempt.

Siver was a bloody mess in the corner between rounds and everyone could sense the end was near. McGregor missed with most of his spinning kicks, but drove Siver back with his front leg side kicks, setting up his powerful right jab-straight left combinations that brutalized Siver’s face and body.

Less than two minutes into the second period it was another vicious right-left combo they sent Siver flying backwards to the canvas. McGregor jumped on him and continued to the beat-down until Herb Dean stepped in and called it.

The action wasn’t over with yet thought as McGregor spotted Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo sitting in the front row. McGregor leapt over the cage and stormed into the crowd to get face to face with Aldo. The crowd went nuts in support of McGregor as security had to rip him away.

He responded by jumping back on the cage apron, and draping himself in the Ireland flag while screaming expletives into the crowd, it was nuts, it was awesome! Look for a Aldo vs McGregor showdown this spring, more than likely Memorial Day weekend from Ireland!

Earlier on the card, Gleison Tibau beat Norman Parke by split decision. Tibau used a steady diet of jabs and pushed the action through all three rounds. He took two of the three judges’ scorecards 29-28, which is the same way this reporter had it scored.

Uriah Hall made short work of little known Ron “The Choir Boy” Stallings. The fight was stopped at the 3:37 mark due to a large gash over the eye of Stallings. If Hall can keep his motivation and discipline in check, he can be something special as this is now his third straight win.

Donald “The Cowboy” Cerrone won for the second time in 15 days as he beat Benson “Smooth” Henderson in a razor-sharp decision win. All three judges scored it 29–28 and I couldn’t disagree stronger. Cerrone won the first round, but Henderson clearly won the next two with a good amount of strikes, both with his legs and fists.

I believe the judges weighed too much on Cerrone’s two takedowns both in the second and third rounds. Neither one of them did any damage, and Henderson was back on his feet quickly each time. It is like Dana White has said in the past however; you never want to leave it up to the judges’ scorecards.

I had it 29–28 Hendeson, but the judges did not. That is now the seventh straight win for Cerrone since his move to Lightweight.

Until next time fight fans, No Blood: No Foul!

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