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USWNT: Thanks To Women’s World Cup Win, Future of Soccer Brighter Than Ever

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After successfully beating Japan, 5-2, the USWNT didn’t just win the World Cup, they had their sweet revenge.

With such a margin, US was able to saddle any player that adorned the U.S. kit since 1999. The future of soccer in America seems to be sealed as an emphatic legacy stamp, well deserved was put on the teams cream players consisting of:

  • Julie Johnston
  • Hope Solo
  • Abby Wambach
  • Carli Lloyd
  • Megan Rapinoe

It also being a day after Independence Day, free betting online sites were full. As Americans and various other world, citizens hit every online website to place free bets, predicting a global cup winner.

For the US team and it’s technical bench, the win is thrilling and even more shocking as Carli Lloyd was able to score a hat trick within the first sixteen minutes of the match. Being able to write history for America and taking the World Cup trophy home is a marvel.

For a record sixteen years, all USWNT players were always compared to the 99’ers and have been always found wanting. To reverse the trend and create a legacy of their own, the team stepped up their game and now successfully grabbed the spotlight!

Thanks to the team’s brilliance in the field, pundits and soccer analysts insists that Lloyd’s triumphant triple goal scoring in the first sixteen minutes is a logic that puzzles even in the FIFA Video Game era.

Given the 2015 USWNT successful run; a decade from today, teenage girls and boys will be able to recall and relish the moment where a team of women soccer players brought the US nation to a standstill.

It’s just not even a single country, but rather two countries since almost half of Vancouver stadium was filled with American nationals who were cheering their national team.

And after celebrating on various talk shows in Canada, Los Angeles and New York, USWNT became the first-ever women’s team to have a ticker-tape parade in its honor on the Canyon of heroes in New York City.

Without a doubt, the USWNT successfully turned soccer into a favorite sport for teenagers and youngsters who were happy to see the team win the World Cup without a struggle.

The future of football has been sealed as now kids have the inspiration of playing the game and trying to emulate Rapinoe’s creativity. Watching a defense side that stood strong and never stumbled for the entire length of the tournament.

The players of the future have a task upon them to create their legacy that will best the USWNT 2015 World Cup legacy. Four years ago (2011) the American side had also high hopes that they too were made to make history; unfortunately, the Japanese side had other plans and lifted the trophy instead.

The USWNT of 2011 had blown two leads before they lost the match on penalties. The agony and the pain felt in 2011 has seen the US team for four years work extra hard ensuring that they never suffer the same fate again.

Punters that have been keenly watching the US national team from day one of the tournament took to free betting online sites and forums speculating a win for the team. Their speculation seemed valid, and any bettor that supported the US team and bet against Japan did rip a real cash reward!

Rampone was the only active player from the 1999 American squad was more than ecstatic that she would be retiring from the team on a high note. Her legacy is etched in history for participating in two World Cup tournaments that will be remembered for centuries to come!

Author bio: This article was written by sports enthusiast Tony Samboras. He has been a lifelong fan of soccer and has made this passion a full-time career as he now writes for a prolific Australian website offering free bets.

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