Gold is the main currency of World of Warcraft. It is the main pillar of the economy in the game and is used in many, if not all aspects of the game. If you’re a casual player, your character can acquire a small amount for finishing a quest or defeating NPC’s in the area around you. But this quantity will not be enough to buy good things for yourself, so you’ll have to do something else to quickly earn it faster.

Another thing you can do is learn two of many new professions to start mining precious ore, skinning of different types of leather, or collecting herbs.

Those can later be used to create armor and weapons, enhancing gem stones for your abilities, and all kinds of useful potions of different type: healing, energy, mana, abilities, you name it. Engineers can make some useful gadgets with interesting effects, such as: shrinking ray, capturing net, jet boosters, or even mind control!

You can sell either of those later on the auction house, and then spend the acquired gold on something you really need.

What to spend gold on in WoW

As the main goal of the game is to become as strong as possible to defeat your foes with ease, you’ll be able to use your gold to buy better equipment for your characters, starting from epic-quality armor and weapons, and finishing with enhancing potions and trinkets with powerful effect. Of course, that’s not the only thing you can use your gold for. You can buy cosmetic items with it, to make your character look cooler.

Those can be cute pets that can follow you around, and mounts that cost a whole lot of money to obtain. And you can buy many different mounts with gold WoW. If you’re a player of the Alliance faction, there are majestic horses that can be obtained from the Humans, big ramming rams from the Dwarfs, cool mechanical striders from the Gnomes, and night stalking tigers from the Night Elves.

When playing for the horde, you can get savage riding wolfs from the Orcs, quick and majestic raptors from the Trolls, big battle ready kodo beasts from the Tauren, and armored undead skeletal horses from the Forsaken. All of those cost quite a lot of gold to obtain, which is why you should start saving up right from the start!

Or, if you think it is taking far too long for you to obtain any of it, you can buy WoW gold for your character at any time and in any quantity, and you’ll be able to get any piece of equipment for yourself in no time.


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