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Which Main Character Dies in Star Wars The Force Awakens?

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When Star Wars The Force Awakens debuts on Friday, December 18, fans will be treated to a movie that will tug at their emotions, keep them guessing at what’s next and play with their curiosity with a sense a mystery. Fans will also experience a heartbreak because a main character will die.

The last trailer provided a shocking revelation. One of the main heroes, Rey, is seen crying over the corpse of a fallen friend. A lot of fans are freaking out about this so let’s quell a few fears here.

There was some speculation that Han Solo will die but that doesn’t go with the main storyline at all. Obviously, the beloved smuggler played by the famous actor Harrison Ford will not be the victim.

In the interest of not spoiling it for everyone, here are few clues as to who dies in The Force Awakens without giving the name . It is a main hero from episodes four, five and six. It is not Solo or his wife Leia Solo (Princess Leia in episodes four, five and six). It is definitely not Luke Skywalker because that would just end the franchise right here.

If fans pause the trailer and take a very close look at it, they may catch a glimpse of what happens.

Some fans may see that as Rey reacting to an injured friend/hero. However, that doesn’t seem to be logical as the emotion is too strong to be the result of an injury to a main character. Another clue is the fact that Han and Leia are seen grieving at another point of the trailer.

Han and Leia grieve in Star Wars The Force Awakens (www.dailymail.co.uk)
Han and Leia grieve in Star Wars The Force Awakens (www.dailymail.co.uk)

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