Scott Bartnick

There has been huge a shift in American work culture due to the adaptations required by COVID-19. With the change to remote work, there are more companies seeing the benefits as well as the employees welcoming the change. There are many people that sought out this work-life balance pre pandemic, and entrepreneur, Scott Bartnick, had seen the value of freedom and flexibility the moment he entered the work force.

Scott is an engineering graduate from the University of Florida and was hired post-graduation by a fortune 500 company.  Most people would consider this path to be one of success, as Scott was able to land a high paying job immediately upon graduating, but he was quickly able to see a bigger picture of what success was to him.  Scott defined success as having the freedom to live the life he wanted, and he realized that this traditional format of work was hindering his ability to pursue his desired lifestyle involving travel and independence.

Scott did the necessary research before making this life-changing decision and decided to pursue a career of self-employment in E-Commerce.  He was smart in his execution and set himself up for success before sending in his notice.  Scott admits that there were many challenges he faced in this journey, but would still recommend taking that leap, as all of them were worth it, and they all turned into lessons that have found him later success.

Scott was able to learn first-hand what can make and break an eCommerce business.  He realized that other people were probably experiencing the same challenges and knew that he could share his experiences to lead other entrepreneurs to success.  Scott then started his company The Five Day Startup & Otter PR doing consulting for others in the eCommerce industry, and he has proven his approach works. He has developed proprietary algorithms to skyrocket Amazon sales and reduce operational costs. Scott is using his knowledge and his experience to help hundreds of businesses launch and market their own products. He has worked with multibillion-dollar businesses and continues to help brands realize rapid growth.

Scott’s consulting includes eCommerce, operation management, sales, public relations, and more. He owns multiple businesses himself, taking them from development to growth in under a year. Scott started as a continuous improvement manager for a 100-million-dollar facility.  He then moved to quality supervisor for a 200-million-dollar facility, and then to sales. He implements all of his prior training and experience into his current businesses and is sharing his knowledge with other entrepreneurs.

To further Scott’s value to other entrepreneurs looking to him for guidance, he is also a social media marketing expert.  He has previously owned an Instagram growth company, that reached huge success. He continues to apply his background in social media to his own companies, and openly shares his strategies with his clients.

Scott owns multiple businesses that went from development to growth in less than a year. He continues to work with large corporations to create new sales channels, improve operational expenses, and enhance product quality. By the end of 2020, Scott expects to break into the elite club of seven-figure earners on Amazon, and he continues to follow his passion of helping others achieve the same level of success.

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