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NFL Draft 2017: Which QB’s will enter?

The biggest mystery and intrigue in regards to the direction of the 2017 NFL Draft is going to be the decision some of these kids have about whether to stay in school and utilize their last year or two of eligibility, or come out and declare for the draft. Namely the QB’s. It is especially […]

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Thank You, Big Papi

First thing’s first, I am a die-hard Yankee fan. I’ve spent my whole life in New York. I’ve gone to countless games at the Stadium in the Bronx. With the territory comes the obvious fact that I’ve grown to hate the Boston Red Sox, and their leader David Ortiz. I’ve hated them for as long […]

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Want to Improve Your Sex Life? Try These 5 Foods

By David Gomes Do you want to have a wonderful sex life? Who does not want to have a wonderful sex life? I don’t think there is anyone alive on this earth, who does not desire to have a wonderful sex life. When you have a good sex life, you improve your overall quality of […]

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Is The 2017 NFL Draft, The Year Of The Pass Rusher?

No doubt the NFL Draft had many, many gems throughout the draft. GM’s, player personnel guys, and teams that really did their homework have received a reward that has even surpassed their expectations and draft evaluations. But there was one incredibly disappointing aspect of the 2016 NFL Draft – the high-end pass rushing talent. Most […]

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Donald Trump: His ego will not let him fail

“Make America Great Again” Those four words have caused many jokes and outlandish behavior, but when you think about their meaning, it’s not that bad. Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States of America in January 2017. This may not be what America wanted but it may be what we need. […]


12 Things Every Parent Should Know About Their Teens

Most parents say that raising children can be a difficult thing, especially for teens. As a matter of fact, for most parents, raising teens is extremely stressful and one of the most challenging demands of life. Often, we do not understand the teens, what they want and where they want to be in the future. […]


Sex: Five Ways to Last in the Bedroom

By David Gomes Do you want to last longer in bed? Of course, you do! In fact, all men want to last longer between the sheets regardless of their current situation. It’s in our nature to want more, do better, and retain erection longer than we usually do. The efforts to improve sexual performance only […]