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Robyn Lawley: Why Her SI Swimsuit Feature Is Empowering For Real Women

After recently being announced as the first-ever “plus-size” woman to be featured in the illustrious history of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, Robyn Lawley is empowering for real women in today’s digitally-airbrushed world. the 6’2 25-year-old Australian model is reportedly a size 12, which in today’s size zero society is considered by many as “obese” […]

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Health and Fitness: Best Vegan Bodybuilding Tips by Top Vegan Bodybuilders

Some of us got influenced to be vegans for good, by watching movies such as “The Fly II” in which, a golden retriever is mutilated in a particular experiment that went in vain; and, some decided to be vegans by witnessing horrendous torture harnessed on innocent animals. Whatever the reasons are for you becoming a […]

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Health & Fitness: Family Fitness Weight Loss Idea

As a result of counter-development in our societies, we live in an environment that fosters living in isolation and separation. Have you ever pondered on where is your health headed in all these turmoil that isolation brings? Even worst, how is the fitness level of your partner and your kids? If you are really contemplating […]

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Health and Fitness: Thank Kim Kardashian For Celebrity-Inspired Big Butt Craze

  Guess what’s bigger than the global food and water crisis, and even more bigger than Ukraine? Kim Kardashian’s big butt—Yes, you heard that right. This latest celebrity-inspired craze sure has become a pain in the proverbial rear end for everyone. Breast implants were a thing of the 90’s, now it’s all about getting bigger […]

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Health and Fitness: Mind The Thigh Gap Obsession

Probably one of the most hotly debated topics going around, the obsession with the thigh gap among today’s young women is both trendy and very alarming. Women traditionally have been very self-conscious of their health and appearance, the brand of beauty and health trends such as the thigh gap has now become the trend of […]

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Interview and Features: NPC Competitor, Philita Wheeler Talks Fitness

Over the last week I was lucky enough to have a few great conversations with Philita Wheeler, a top ten finalist at the 2013 Arnold Classic Amateur Figure Championships and fifth place winner at the 2013 NPC Kentucky Muscle Figure competition and Clean Science sponsored athlete. During this time not only did I learn that […]