For all those who live in the south, it is common knowledge that summer is a difficult season. It’s too hot, and the flies are more than just a nuisance. It sometimes makes you wonder why people even came to the south to live there, or if they just wanted to be slow-cooked like your mom’s famous grilled steaks.

However, there is a way of coping with the heat, especially during heatwaves and the temperamental weather we’ve been having over the past few years which have gotten staggering highs of between 103°F to 112°F in Dallas in the last ten years.

Here are five affordable ways for newbies to cope with the Texan heat this summer:

#1 Invest in an HVAC to regulate temperatures indoors

Investing in an HVAC machine can help regulate temperatures inside. It works as an excellent air conditioner, and it’s portable, too. You can use this to cool your whole home or just the room that your family is in. To learn more about HVAC machines in Texas look at air conditioning cedar hill texas.

#2 Drink plenty of water throughout the day

The average adult male needs to drink about 3.7 liters (or 15.5 cups) of water a day to maintain a very healthy level of fluid in their system. This can help you cope in the heat and stop you from suffering from heatstroke, which at least can be a nuisance for the next few days, and at worst, can be deadly.  This is a serious precaution to take and should not be taken lightly.

#3 Try and stay indoors during the heat of the day

Holding a siesta might be a way forward in hotter areas of the state. This can be a very good way of avoiding heatstroke, by staying inside in front of your air conditioner. Also, try to stay out of cars during this period of the day, as you may get heatstroke from just sitting inside your vehicle. This is also a good rule to implement with children, as they are not built for the heat and won’t stay in the shade most of the time.

#4 Do any exercise or workouts in the morning

Do any exercise or workouts in the morning before it starts getting too hot. Doing things early on in the morning before it gets too hot can be a great way to not only fire up your energy for the day but also stop you from getting too hot later on. If you’re not used to the heat, as most people who are new to Texas aren’t, it’s easy to fall back into the pattern of when you did things in a cooler climate, which might be very painful.

#5 Sleep with a mosquito net on

There are about 85 different species of mosquito in Texas, so it’s a good idea to sleep with a mosquito net if you don’t want to wake up in the morning bitten and itchy.



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