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How to Know If You’re Dehydrated and 5 Steps for Fixing It

Hydration is a critical element of health, but many people forget to think about it and become chronically dehydrated as a result. Sure, they may sip away during their after-work Tabata class when the instructor prompts them to take a break, or they may even carry a water bottle to work each day. However, most people still slack a bit when it comes to getting the recommended daily intake. Dehydration
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7 Healthy Foods to Eat for Stronger Bones

Sure, that cast looked cute as part of your mummy Halloween costume. However, now that the masquerades are over, you're likely sick of sitting on the disabled list with a broken bone. How can you strengthen your skeleton and prevent fractures? You can benefit your bone health greatly by making healthy food choices. Here are nine of the tastiest treats to incorporate into your diet. 1. Carrots Does osteoporosis run
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7 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Eating Habits During the Holidays

The fall and winter months are full of holidays based around food — there’s candy at Halloween, lots of turkey at Thanksgiving, and following Thanksgiving, probably all the Christmas cookies you could ever ask for. Getting to enjoy good food is certainly something to be grateful for, and there’s no reason not to let yourself indulge a little. However, for anyone trying to stick to a nutritious diet for health
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5 Healthy Tips for Losing Weight Safely

Do you have an interest in losing weight, either for health reasons or to improve self-esteem? Many people struggle with weight loss, but you can skirt around complication by implementing simple yet effective methods. Ways to lose weight without going on crash diets or popping weight-loss pills exist for you to take advantage of. Losing weight will benefit you psychologically and physically — begin forming a plan of action if
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Wellness: What Is the New Kai Chi Do Trend All About?

Wellness trends come and go nearly as quickly as fashion trends. One week, Zumba is the best thing for you while the next it might be the Atkins diet. However, one thing that is turning heads and changing lives is kai chi do. What is it, and how could it help you become a happier and healthier individual? There are many benefits to this practice, and it can really make
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8 Emerging Alternative Fitness Options for Injured Athletes

If you're an athlete, no doubt you're familiar with the disabled list (DL). Does being down for a few games necessarily need to equate to staying on the couch the whole time? Of course not! Even when you cannot perform at your peak, it's possible to get in a workout, and doing so may even decrease your overall recovery time. Some injuries, such as broken bones, do require rest time