Serious auto enthusiasts put tireless hours of work and car into their classic cars. When you’ve invested that kind of time in acquiring a car and getting it going, you want to keep it protected from the elements. From keeping damaging rays at bay with a custom sun shade for car to storing your vehicle in a safe place, there are many ways to protect your investment.

A car storage bubble is one of those methods. Not sure how a car bubble works? Here are the basics.

Car Bubbles Keep the Elements at Bay

Shielding your car from the elements is crucial to maintaining good condition on the interior and exterior. A custom sun shade for car or custom outdoor car covers can be good ways to protect your vehicle from potentially damaging sun, precipitation or dust. A car bubble takes that idea a step further by serving as a kind of cocoon for your vehicle.

The clear, vinyl bubble inflates at one end with a fan to circulate air. That design means your car is encased in clean, moving air inside a protective field. Bubbles are built to last, with tough, durable material that is difficult to puncture or damage. That means even if a tool falls onto the bubble from a shelf in your garage, your car will be safe from dents and dings.

The material is resistant to mold and mildew. The bubble itself guards the car against dust and dirt, as well as external moisture.

Air Flows Easily in a Bubble

A fan at one end of a car storage bubble allows it to inflate and stay solid. The fan provides a consistent flow of air around the car, keeping things ventilated and preventing any moisture from building up. The air movement also helps keep a constant temperature inside the bubble, meaning you won’t need to worry about swings in the weather outside your garage. All the air changes out every few hours, keeping things fresh and condensation-free. With no moisture to contend with, you’ll ensure your car is safe from rust and corrosion.

Car Bubble Setup and Maintenance

To get a car bubble set up, you’ll need a that’s a bit longer and wider than the car itself. Bubble models run from about 10 feet long to about 24 feet long; the right length for you will depend on your car. Manufacturers recommend using only the provided mat under the vehicle, and keeping the air intake side of the bubble away from outside-facing doors and heating sources.

Maintenance on your car storage bubble is relatively simple. You can keep the air filter on the fan clean by washing it with warm water and dish soap, and remove any stains with the same supplies. An inflatable bubble might initially look wrinkled, but the creases will work themselves out as the bubble stays inflated.

If you’re interested in protecting your car from elements like rain, snow, rust or dirt, a car storage bubble is a great option. These durable bubbles also protect against dings and scrapes that can happen in storage. Look for a bubble at a trusted provider of custom sun shade for car and other car protection supplies.

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