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You Should Just Wear Whatever You Want

Photo by naeim jafari on Unsplash Even if it was just for a brief moment, most of us have experienced thoughts such as “I’m not pretty enough to wear that dress” or “I could never pull that bold look off”, and it’s finally time to put an end to those thoughts. You should never ignore your wishes because you don’t feel like you’re worth the effort – you are worth
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How to be Stylish in Cat Eye Sunglasses: What You Need to Know First

  A little bit funny, a little bit sexy, and a little bit quirky. Cat Eyes are the most comic book of sunglass styles. When Great Aunt Ingrid wore them back in the day, they looked plain terrifying, but after forty years in the wilderness Cat Eyes are back with a Meoww and the celebs just can’t get enough of them. Australian designer Poppy Lissiman’s micro Cat Eyes, in glossy
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How to Be Stylish in Streetwear: 6 Fashion Tips to Stand Out In the Streets

Streetwear is a type of fashion that is hard to define. It encompasses an umbrella of themes and styles. Enthusiasts love to create their own distinct style from a wide range of cultures. It is a fusion of almost anything... sportswear, skate gear, Arab and Ethiopian aesthetics, denim jackets, and even high fashion. The beauty of streetwear is that you can combine anything you want and create a style that
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The History and Progression of Streetwear: From Stussy to Supreme

Did you know that streetwear has been around for almost 40 years already? What was once a humble aesthetic has now substantially flourished into a soaring rank of fashion, organizing itself as a retail force that can’t be ignored. We can see how celebrities are continually selecting athleisure atop all else. Tracksuit bottoms are worn as if they’re jeans, turning streetwear into a much more than a trend or phase.
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10 Hot Mid Fade Haircuts for Men Who Want a Sauvé and Sexy Style

a Sauvé and Sexy Style Short hair for men has always been in style. And one of the best things about living in the time that we do is that pretty much anything goes when it comes to hairstyle, hair length or hair color. If you are looking for a trendy short hairstyle for men that will give you plenty of options, a mid fade haircut could be just what
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10 Best Women’s Converse Shoes

Converse carries a legacy of crafting wonderfully comfortable shoes for more than 100 years. The iconic sneakers have been accentuating the fashion fanatic population’s personality since generations. The converse shoe does ensure style without compromising over comfort. Its varied style range gives plenty of options to go with almost every kind of outfit. Converse Chuck Taylor Sequin Oxford Sneaker (Women) These classically designed Chuck Taylor sneakers, that are destined for
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Best Winter Styling Tips for Men with Puffer Jackets

Keeping yourself warm and dry in winter is no doubt a very serious task by itself! The good news is that, now men also get opportunities for making selections from a wide range of fashionable winter clothing and accessories online. Clothes like the mens puffer jacket is one of the new innovations in clothing industry. Not only will it help in satisfying your needs of keeping yourself warm and dry,
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6 Stylish Ways to Wear Bling with Your Attire

Do you start your day with throwing irrational tantrums about not having anything to wear? Well, you are not alone because women all over the world face this predicament every day. According to a survey by Marks & Spencer, women spend an average of 16 minutes a day (equivalent to 4 days a year) fretting over what to wear. 62% of the women surveyed said that they suffered from wardrobe
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Hip/Urban: Best Hairstyles For Black Men

While some black men might be frustrated by their hard-to-manage curly or kinky hair, this type of texture actually provides a unique look that few guys have or can pull off. In fact, black men can choose from a variety of stylish haircuts and styles, with so many ways to customize their hairstyle. Below, we’ll explore some of the hottest haircuts for black men. From the different kinds of fades
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5 Styles From Coachella You Can Wear In Real Life

The first word that comes to anyone's mind when they hear Coachella fashion is the word quirky. Coachella and other similar music festivals are the perfect places for anyone to live out their wildest fashion fantasies. As the festival draws near, some people just simply dive into their closets to mix and match all the clothes that they cannot wear anywhere else. However, for a very large amount of people,