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Health: Do Brain Games Help to Improve Your Memory?

By Shawn Clark The reality is; all of us experience memory lapses from time to time. It happens because of sleep deprivation, stress, or aging as well as due to suffering a brain trauma. Regardless of the reason, there are multiple things you can do to improve your memory. Brain games are considered the best “tool” for sharper memory; but is that really true? (more…)
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Medical Marijuana: Yay or Nay?

By Andrea Bell It is fascinating to see Netherlands legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes. I wonder how many people would wish for a migraine or a muscle spasm just so they could have the authority to purchase cannabis as their form of treatment. Quite hilarious – consider this every stoner’s dream. Well, for those who are not aware, marijuana (read: pot, weed, joint) is actually used for medicinal
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Fitness: Tips For Living A Healthier Lifestyle

Taking care of yourself is the most important challenge in life. Failure to look after your health will decrease both the quality and quantity of your existence. It’s imperative that you take immediate action to ensure that you’re taking every possible step forward. Healthy living can feel like a daunting and confusing prospect. But with the right plan of action, it can be a lot easier than you’d imagine. The
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Health and Fitness: Which Workout Boosters You Need To Use In Moderation

When we’re going through a vigorous workout, many people like to use some form of booster to keep themselves going. Some people may swear off them entirely, claiming that they’re unnatural and unsafe. After all, if isn’t the whole point of our exercise routines to get healthy? Why stick impure, artificial things in our bodies that we don’t really need? It’s true that there are many supplements and boosters that
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Health and Fitness: 7 Benefits Of Staying Fit That You Need To Know

By Harshith Joseph How many times did you consider dieting to lose weight over exercise? Only when a regular workout accompanied by a diet will make complete sense to your body. This is one of the most common misconceptions that is widely practiced. Exercising makes your entire system function better while dieting is only to keep your intake in control. Developing a habit of regular exercise will show much more
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Living: Top 4 Weight Loss Tips For Kids You Need To Know

By Shawn Clark As the importance of a healthy lifestyle starts to exert its influence on the society, the reputation of chubby kids has taken a turn for the worst. People no longer embrace them like they used to and parents are no longer looking forward to having cute and slightly overweight kids. Public opinion towards chubby kids has undertaken such a drastic change that instead of being the symbol
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Health & Fitness: 6 Exercises To Beat Menopause Night Sweats and Hot Flashes

By Sophie Addison When dealing with vasomotor symptoms (VMS), more commonly referred to as hot flashes and night sweats, the last thing any woman going through menopause will want to do is exercise. Exercising can increase core body temperature which might seem unappealing to women struggling with hot flashes. However, researchers at the Pennsylvania State University claim that exercising does not increase the severity of hot flashes, but can, in