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10 Fabulous Ways To Control Blood Pressure

By Pauline Simons According to the American Heart Association, out of every 3 adults, 1 suffers from high blood pressure taking the number to 85 million people alone in the United States of America. It is a serious health issues that gives birth to many life threatening problems like stroke, heart disease, loss of eyesight and kidney diseases. Hence, just cannot be ignored. Our lifestyle plays an important role in
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Sports: Is It Time For the NFL To Look Into HGH Abuse?

Violent. Fast. Brutal. and physical. There is little rom for error in the non-forgiving National Football League, as players are faster, stronger and more violent that at any point in the sports concussion-filled history. Thanks to it’s penchant for bone-shattering hits and recent revelations of unchecked concussions by both current and former players, could it be time for the NFL to look into possible human growth hormone abuse by it’s
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Health & Fitness: Few Facts About Meal Replacements

 By Zac Ferry Everyone who cares about their weight knows that sit-down meals (preferably scheduled) are the best way to stay in shape. But no matter how hard we try to stick our diets, the fast rhythm of modern day life just doesn’t allow us to sit down and have a healthy nutritious meal. In most of the times we are so busy that there’s no other option than to
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Beauty: 5 Famous Faces Positively Living Through Rosacea

By Pauline Simons Is rosacea the reason holding you back from doing the things you love? If yes, how about breaking its hold and starting all over again because you're not alone. Did you know the estimates from NRS showed, 16 million Americans alone suffer from rosacea, which includes some famous celebrities too, who have been open about it? So, if rosacea couldn't stop them from achieving great things in
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Is Getting Angry Good For Your Health?

We all get angry from time to time. In those moments, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to choose ration over anger, especially since our bodies craves for the release of negative emotions. Is anger good for us? Well, in some situations, it might not be the best of emotions to let out. But, in plenty of other cases, anger can be motivating and quite helpful. Let us find
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Lifestyle: 4 Ways to Look Your Best Without The Use Of A Selfie Filter

By BASTION If you're committed to looking and feeling healthy, fit and beautiful, simply continue reading to discover four simple ways to look your best, without having to use your favorite selfie filter.  4 ways to look your best without the use of a selfie filter 1. Sign up to your local ParkRun club ParkRun operates free weekly 5km timed runs across the world and boasts 207 clubs across Australia.
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Health and Fitness: Belly Fat Is A Killer…Yes, I’am Talking To You!

On your body, there’s one place where fat is especially dangerous. Fat around the midsection is a high-risk factor for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even some types of cancers. Most studies show this to be true. The tests show that too much belly fat tends to prompt a loss of sensitivity to insulin, which is a crucial hormone that helps the body burn energy. When insulin loses its
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7 Health Reasons to Have Sex, Even When You’re Not in the Mood

When couples start their relationship, they have a lot of sex, all the time, anywhere and everywhere, you get the point. As the relationship is growing and time passes by, sex life suffers. You don’t have sex as often as you used to, and you sometimes don’t even feel like making love when a partner initiates it. Regular sex isn’t only essential for your relationship (it’s the only thing that
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Athleisure: 3 Fashionable Ways to Improve Your Fitness

By Joao Pedro De Sousa Fashion and fitness—i.e. athleisure—are having somewhat of a love affair right now. There are so many ways health and trends are coming together to make people not only look great, but feel great, too. According to the BBC, women are now just as willing to pay as much for a gym outfit as they are for a formal dress. We have therefore chosen to look
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Cure Sleeplessness Through Physiotherapy

By Oliva Wilson It has been said that one could survive for three times as long without food as one could without sleep. Sleep is something that we all need, and the quality of sleep we get can have a huge impact on our daily lives. When we’re well rested, we’re more productive, nicer to be around and better at handling the challenges of the day, but it’s estimated that