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LGBT: Vanity Fair Unveils Caitlyn Jenner On July Cover

After a heart-warming interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer to announce that he was transitioning from man to woman, and proclaim himself as a woman, the man formerly known as Bruce Jenner was unveiled in the new cover of July’s up-coming Vanity Fair as Caitlyn. Shot by renowned photographer Annie Lebowitz, the Jenner family provided unprecedented access to the magazine during Bruce’s transformation from a man to a woman. With the
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Michael Sam: ESPN Drops The Ball In Senseless Shower Segment

  ST LOUIS – After sacking Johnny Manziel, Michael Sam found himself blindsided by the so-called worldwide leader in sports, ESPN. ESPN, who aired a segment featuring Josina Anderson about Sam showering with players, dropped the ball in providing quality journalism and devolving into a glorified and mutant offspring of TMZ and The National Enquirer. Many sports fans collectively moan at the constant ad nauseam coverage of Yankees-Red Sox, Johnny
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LGBT : Being A Transgendered Woman In 2014

“Does my hair look good in this?” “OMG! Can you notice my Adams apple?”  These are just two of the things transgendered women worry about all the time. Everything from cost of living, employment, being 'passable' are all everyday occurrences when transwomen can come into difficulties. My views and experiences are most definitely somewhat different from most. However some are more relatable and inspiring to be able to help others, as
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Focus On The Family: A Response To Jim Daly’s Question

[caption id="attachment_22733" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Justin Sullivan- Getty Images[/caption] Two days ago Jim Daly the President and CEO of Focus on the Family wrote on the subject of homosexuals being mistreated and what he deems as the best Christian response. Unfortunately he hardly scratches the surface of the issue. His only strong point came when he said "when we reduce someone to a behavior or label, when we begin to see ourselves as better than the next guy, we begin
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LGBT : How A British Transgender Model Can Open Our Eyes In America

[caption id="attachment_22482" align="aligncenter" width="648"] Image courtesy of businessinsider.com[/caption] Greetings from London, America! So from a late night room in a cold winter (slowly showing signs of spring ) night I'm introducing myself to you all! My name is Chloe-Amelia Lapper, and I am a 24-year-old transgender model here in the UK and love it.  I have been seen all around the globe over the past 'crazy' eight months from Australian
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Missouri Students Stand Up To Hate Group Attempting To Protest On Campus

[caption id="attachment_22208" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Getty Images[/caption] In a move that wasn't exactly shocking the Westboro Baptist Church a hate group attempted to protest  at the University of Missouri as a response to Michael Sam announcing that he's gay. The group is known for picketing the funerals, stating that "God hates certain groups of people" and making the effort to implant the seeds of hate anywhere and everywhere the group goes. While the hate group isn't necessarily big
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Tennessee Senator Brian Kelsey Looking To Legalize Discrimination Of Homosexuals

[caption id="attachment_22092" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Phil Walter- Getty Images[/caption] A few weeks ago an Oregon bakery made headlines when the state ruled that it violated the civil rights of a gay couple by refusing to make their wedding cake. Now Tennessee Senator Brian Kelsey has introduced Senate Bill 2566 which will allow for business to refuse services and goods to homosexuals if it furthers a civil union, domestic partnership or same-sex
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Former Missouri Defensive End Michael Sam Announces That He Is Gay

[caption id="attachment_21937" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Joe Robbins- Getty Images[/caption] Today former Missouri Tigers defensive end Michael Sam publicly announced that he is gay. When the defensive end gets drafted he will become the first openly gay player in NFL history. As for Sam he said "I came to tell the world that I'm an openly, proud gay man." He further went on to say "two weeks ago at the Senior Bowl I didn't realize how many people actually knew,