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Fantasy Football: Consistency Week in Review – RB – Week 5

Melvin Gordon exploded this week versus the hapless Giants and reaches the top five in total points and consistency! Consistency. Any educated fantasy owner knows that you need your Fantasy Football players to be not only good, but also consistently good! It’s a proven fact that the more consistent your Fantasy players are throughout the season, the better chance that you’ll have to win. More wins equals playoffs and playoffs
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Consistency in Fantasy Football: Best Kept Secret

The Head-to-Head (H2H) format in US fantasy sport such as Fantasy football leads to the need for consistency. If you have been playing Fantasy football for any length of time, you know how frustrating it can be to win by 30 points one week and then lose by two points the next. How many times have you been one of the highest scoring teams in the league, but you missed
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Fantasy Football Consistency: Rookie vs. Consistency

The one question that I get asked every year is “Why don’t you include rookies in your consistency analysis?” My answer has always been “They’re too inconsistent.” Or “College talent doesn’t always equate to NFL talent.” That normally leads to “Well, what about Odell Beckham, Jr. or LeVeon Bell or Ezekiel Elliott?” Good point. So, I decided this year to back up my theory with facts. I accumulated the number
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Fantasy Football Consistency: Quarterbacks

Bob Lung shares the most consistent quarterbacks of 2016 and his projections for 2017. Follow him @bob_lung The quarterback position for Fantasy Football purposes was easily the most waited on position to draft last year. Most of the top picks produced like Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, and even, Tom Brady in his limited number of games. This tier of players has distanced themselves from the other quarterbacks. Their consistency speaks
Tennessee Titans Fantasy Football Outlook
Delanie Walker - Tight End, Tennessee Titans
Fantasy Football NFL Preview Edition Tennessee Titans

Fantasy Football: Tennessee Titans – How strong is Delanie Walker?

Can the offense of the Tennessee Titans break out this season? Can their youth help you in your fantasy football league? Below are some players that may be good options. Sleeper – Derrick Henry, Running Back The #34 back off the board in most drafts, Henry has become an afterthought after most thought he would be a definite threat DeMarco Murray’s production. One year with that not being the case,
Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Football Outlook
Adam Thielen - Wide Receiver, Minnesota Vikings
Fantasy Football Minnesota Vikings NFL Preview Edition

Fantasy Football: Minnesota Vikings – Options on Offense

The Minnesota Viking will be a different offense. Gone is the face Adrian Peterson. Now, who will help them? Who will help you on your fantasy football team? Below are some players to consider. Sleeper – Adam Thielen, Wide Receiver It is weird to think about a sleeper pass catcher from a Sam Bradford-led offense, but here we are. Mike Zimmer turned Bradford into a pinpoint accurate QB with play
Chicago Bears Fantasy Football Outlook
Kevin White - Wide Receiver, Chicago Bears
Chicago Bears Fantasy Football NFL Preview Edition

Fantasy Football: Chicago Bears – Who else besides Jordan Howard?

The Chicago Bears could be a surprise offense. They have several players that may help you in your fantasy football league as well. Here are a few to look at. Sleeper – Connor Barth, Kicker Do I really think that the Bears’ kicker will be a dark horse sleeper candidate this year? No, I do not. However, that is the problem with trying to fit players into these molds; there
Green Bay Packers Fantasy Football Outlook
Martellus Bennett - Tight End, Green Bay Packers
Fantasy Football Green Bay Packers NFL Preview Edition

Fantasy Football: Green Bay Packers – Can a New Star Emerge?

With the Green Bay Packers offense, you know you will get consistency. That bodes well for your fantasy football team. How do you attack their players for your team? Here are some options. Sleeper – Aaron Jones, Running Back While I think Ty Montgomery is legitimately in for a good season this year as an RB2, injury at the position is inevitable, and doubly so for a player who has
Detroit Lions Fantasy Football Outlook
Matt Stafford -Quarterback, Detroit Lions
Detroit Lions Fantasy Football NFL Preview Edition

Fantasy Football: Detroit Lions – Are Matt Stafford and Eric Ebron Starters?

The Detroit Lions are looking to make a return to the playoffs. They have a solid offense. Who can help you on your fantasy football team? Here are some players to look at. Sleeper – Eric Ebron, Tight End Eric Ebron is currently barely being drafted, as his ADP is 147 overall. He has also not been drafted 100% of the time and is not a starting tight end when