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Smart Apps: Saving Grace or Minions of the Devil?

By Andrea Bell There is absolutely no doubt that apps are the future, but the question arises when one considers the dark side of it. There aren’t many posts on the internet that highlight the negative point of view of smart apps compared to those who brag about them. We cannot deny the fact that our lives have evolved with the new generation of technology. However, at what cost? How
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Tech: Your biggest hack to efficient and effective Automobile Inventory Management!

By Andrea Joy The world has become a pretty fast paced one. Here, nobody wants to stop, rather nobody has the luxury to stop. In this fast paced world, which was moving at the speed of knots, there was something which was not moving only and was rather creeping at the speed of a snail and that was the technology behind auto dealer inventory management. However, after some time there
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Media: 5 Fresh New Ways To Market To Your Audience Via Mobile Messaging

By Sophorn Chhay Have you ever noticed how much marketing is like politics? You have your talking points with everyone repeating those same talking points over and over again. To the point where people are so sick of the same old rhetoric that you just start to block it all out. Then you find yourself eagerly seeking out something, anything that's different. Something that hasn't been said or done a
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Social Media: SEO Tactics That Are No Longer Effective In 2015

In 2015, SEO has become even more challenging for digital marketers. Thanks to the Google Penguin algorithm and Panda updates over the last few years, it is quite obvious that digital marketing as far as Search Engine Optimization is concerned, is going through a constant change. Due to this volatility, it becomes essential for digital marketers to become smart with their SEO strategies and tactics. They need to stay abreast
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Tech: Three Types Of Remixed Apps For Health, Fitness, And Sports

Talking a look at the tech industry, you’ll probably notice that a lot of entrepreneurs are taking ideas from here and there, remodeling them and presenting them as something new. The bitter truth is that even the legendary Steve Jobs is guilty as charged - the example of the GUI from Xerox perhaps being the most well-known. In reality, creativity is nothing but a mash up of existing ideas with