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Indiana Pacers : Are They The Only Team That Can Beat The Heat?

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The Miami Heat started off their title defense Tuesday night in receiving their second straight ring and defeating the Chicago Bulls, 107-95.

While the two-time defending champs are the undisputed kings of the NBA hardwood, is it time to face facts that their run could be coming to it’s end?

Miami is a great transition team, and once they are on the break there is really is no way to stop them, especially there is really is no way to stop them, especially when you have a LeBron James or a Dwayne Wade.

It is really difficult for other teams to compete with them night in and night out due to their superior athleticism, as they don’t know what to expect.

Miami also can be deadly from beyond the arc, especially with future Hall Of-Famer Ray Allen, and Shane Battier able to spot up on the wing.

Miami’s biggest weakness is that they’re small and can’t defend the post or matchup against a team with a true big man.  There in one team in the East that can execute down low and take Miami down in the playoffs, the Indiana Pacers.

With David West and Roy Hibbert down low to punish Chris Bosh. Hibbert is Miami’s “kryptonite” in a way. He’s big, strong, and athletic, every skill you need to beat Miami.  Not only does Indiana have big’s who can physically beat up Miami down on the block, they have a blossoming young star in the making in the form of Paul George.

George, who is great defensively, has defended LeBron well in the playoffs, and as a team, Indiana has given Miami trouble in the post-season, taking them to game seven this past spring, and almost took them out of the Eastern Conference semifinals two seasons ago.

If Indiana can keep their minds focused on playing tough team-oriented and fundamentally sound basketball, then the Heat are in big trouble this year

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