Yoga has benefits that go beyond exercise. Commonly used to reduce stress, this spiritual and physical workout can also help those battling addiction.

Here’s everything you need to know about the benefits of yoga for addiction recovery.

It Changes the Way You Think

Healing addiction with yoga starts with changing your mindset. Alcohol and drug abuse change the way your brain works. Over time, you’ll feel negative effects in the way you make decisions, react emotionally, and more.

Yoga changes this by essentially helping the brain rebuild itself.

Practicing yoga has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Both of these are common symptoms of alcohol or drug withdrawal, so yoga’s benefits in reducing stress help ease these symptoms.

Combining yoga and addiction recovery is part of the journey toward a healthier mindset.

It Nurtures Self Love

Yoga is more than just exercise. A common practice of yoga is to turn your thoughts inward and focus on your emotions. In doing so, you become more aware of your thoughts and how they spur action.

By self-analyzing, you take ownership of your actions. You also take ownership of your choices and can make changes that are necessary for your well being. This is why yoga has become popular in drug and alcohol abuse treatment.

It encourages you to be more present which is the opposite of what substance abuse does. Most often people abuse drugs or alcohol to check out. Yoga for recovering addicts encourages staying present.

In doing so, you become more self-confident, you may feel more energetic, you’ll eat better. You’ll take better care of yourself.

Self-love goes a long way. You wouldn’t let a loved one destroy themselves…when you truly love yourself you refuse to destroy your body and mind and that takes you a step further in your journey from addiction.

By knowing what feels good and feeds your mind body and soul, you’re more likely to participate in healthy behavior and continue to practice yoga for recovery.

It Encourages Self Discipline

Self-discipline is a key aspect to not just recovery, but to staying sober. Taking on the commitment of yoga and in turn, the commitment to yourself,  mind and body, is already a huge step.

Incorporating a healthy routine will keep you disciplined and stronger willed, giving you the strength you need to continue to say “no.”

Yoga For Addiction Recovery Is Good for the Mind, Body, and Soul

The beautiful thing about yoga is it can be practiced anywhere. You’re never far from nurturing the connection between mind, body, and soul.

A growing number of yoga classes are geared toward addiction recovery and combine a 12-step meeting along with stretching session.

Incorporating yoga for addiction recovery helps get through withdrawal symptoms and reduces the chance of relapse. There are ups and downs in life that we’ll all have to deal with–yoga encourages you to continue to deal with your emotions in healthier ways.

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