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Top 7 Vaping Trends to Be on the Lookout For

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Looking out for the latest vaping trends?

Although many people consider vaping to still be in its infancy, there’s no denying how booming it is as a business and trend. You can attribute this to the overwhelming support vaping has from its users. In fact, the community is headstrong enough that there’s been a big disagreement between vape supporters vs the surgeon general of the United States back in 2016.

Today, the vaping community stands strong and is starting to influence others too. Everyone from smokers to those who have never touched a cigarette before is getting involved with vaping. For the most part, this is because of its strong and alluring public image.

The trends that vaping bring also do wonders to pull in a crowd of new users. Here are the top trends you need to be on the lookout for from the vaping industry.

1. Better Vape Mods

As mentioned above, vaping is still considered to be in its infancy by a lot of vaping enthusiasts. Most of these opinions stem from the fact there are only a few options for vaping mods. Mods are what people call the bigger versions of e-cigarettes, often being bulkier, too.

What these mods lack in sleekness, though, they make up in power. Mods like pen mods, mechanical mods, and box mods all have varying levels of strength in respective order with the box mod being the strongest. This power gives users the ability to blow out more clouds and experience a vaping experience unique to them.

Before, only one company was responsible for making vape related products. This resulted in the industry often being expensive and limited in product options. Nowadays, a lot of companies are contributing to the expansion of the vape industry.

With their help, there are now more mods than ever available at different vape shops. Each of these mods is unique in their own way and also bring different features and power for users. For example, one of the best box mods 2019 has to offer, the third generation of the Tesla Invader, gives the user a wide variety of features that give a vaping experience unlike any other.

Features like a memory switch and adjustable voltage output all work together with one another. Together, these provide convenience and an overall better vaping experience. You can expect better mods as the years pass and it sparks competition among companies.

2. Cloud Chasing Competitions

Speaking of competition, another trend on the rise has a lot to do with vape clouds. These kinds of competitions often referred to as “cloud chasing”, bring a lot of hype to the industry. People love watching these competitions so much the fans have earned a nickname.

These “cloud gazers” have such a time watching these that their support allowed it to become a serious competition. In fact, there’s big money up for grabs to whoever wins these competitions. This prompts a lot of people to become interested in learning about vaping.

Why learn about vaping and not the competitions instead? Well, because the key to winning the cloud chasing competition is to have your own device. Partaking in a cloud chasing competition means you have a personal vaping device.

This is because they don’t provide you with one when you enter. Owning one isn’t enough as some users learn the hard way. They’re the ones who attempt to blow clouds only to have someone else outshine them.

Soon enough, these people discover learning how to rip thick clouds is the only way to win. To do that though, they need to learn everything about their device. The moment a device reaches its hottest point and such are important to producing lots of vapor.

This then leads to them learning more about what attributes to larger amounts of vapor. Soon enough, looking into other vape products is their next step. This is a slippery slope leading to discussion among peers.

3. More E-Liquid Options

As mentioned above, there used to be only 1 company producing products related to vape. This resulted in the industry only to have a few options for e-liquids. E-liquids are what the device vaporizes to produce the known cloud smoke.

As you can imagine, having limited options to choose from only leads to the death of a trend. Nowadays, though, more companies are pitching in to keep customers interested in vaping. At first, there were only more flavors for users to choose from, simple ones like fruits and such.

Then, they added more complex flavors like a cinnamon roll and blueberry cheesecake. As you would expect, vaping enthusiasts went crazy over these new flavors. These innovations impress their customers year after year which is why people are at the edge of their seats each time they think a new e-liquid or flavor is about to come out.

Today, they’re more focused on the quality of e-liquid than the flavors. This is because more people are asking for liquids that have more VG in them. Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is the type of e-liquid that produces more smoke.

People want a greater volume of smoke each time they grab a puff. Vape producing companies put all their focus on giving what their customers want. This kind of customer service is a big reason why people look out for this vape trend.

4. Cannabis Vapes

Yes, there are a lot of pros and cons surrounding these vapes, but these are still something most people look forward to. This is because many states are making cannabis and other CBD products legal. Once these become popular enough to hit shelves nationwide, you can expect more than 90% of users to give it a shot.

For recreational users, this allows them to use cannabis without affecting others much. The smoke from a vaporizer contains much fewer traces of cannabis than that of regular smoke. This is a great way to be mindful of others while keeping the fun at an all-time high.

Meanwhile, cannabis vapes give medical users many advantages. For one, it gives them an alternative and easier way to take their prescribed dose. Often, users intake their medication by eating or drinking it.

This gives users a lot of trouble if what they’re suffering is Parkinson’s Disease. The shaking will make it impossible for them to take their prescriptions without aid. With vapes though, they have no trouble handling their devices.

Another benefit for this is that they experience a shorter effectiveness period. Since vaping enters the lungs, they have a more direct path to the bloodstream. This makes users feel the effects of their medications faster than usual if they inhale it like this.

5. Vitamin Vapes

Vitamin vapes follow the same train as cannabis vapes. The goal for these is to allow their users to have an alternative means of taking their vitamins. They also give have a faster effect time like cannabis vapes above.

There are already some vitamins cleared for use through the vape, in fact. Vitamin B vapes are often used by patients with atrophic gastritis and the like. Taking in their vitamin B this way allows them to feel relief within minutes of the dose.

This has the potential of being a vital part of a person’s life. Having to only wait a short span of time to feel the effects of your vitamins saves you time. In this fast-paced world today, that’s an important quality to have.

6. Expanded Nicotine Options in E-Liquids

One of the most common questions asked by non-vapers is whether vape has nicotine. Whether it’s to their happiness or sadness, the answer has always been yes in the past. In current times though, users will have a choice on whether their liquids have nicotine or not.

Due to customer demand, there will soon be liquids that have lesser amounts of nicotine. This was because of the health scare saying nicotine in vape is worse than cigarettes. Don’t worry though, there’s no solid proof of that, but companies are complying nonetheless.

There are also e-liquid variants having more nicotine levels than regular ones. These are perfect for users still transitioning from smoking to vaping.

7. More Advanced and More Stylish E-Cigarettes

There has been a severe lack of e-cigarette design before. You can attribute this to vaping’s infancy as mentioned above. With more companies developing products though, a surge of products should be on the way.

One such product is Suorin Air. One problem with e-cigarettes was they always had a bulkiness to them. The Suorin Air rectifies that by making it an ultra-portable vape device.

This product carries out the same functions as an ordinary e-cig. The beauty of this is it’s smaller than the average cellphone. This allows users to have no trouble carrying it on their person in any given time.

Making the smallest vape device to date is only the tip of the iceberg. More technological advancements will lead to better and more unique e-cigarettes.

Get with the Best Vaping Trends Now

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