If you ever wonder how anyone gets famous from Spotify, you may not realize that Spotify is a multi-billion-dollar platform with hundreds of millions of listeners each year. It is one of the top entertainment platforms in the world and the largest streaming music platform that currently exists.

So, yes you need to be concerned with your Spotify exposure. Yes, you need to focus on your followers, plays, and streams. Yes, you can make money with your music online with Spotify. Take a few hints from the following thoughts on how to increase your potential overnight.1. Put Out Updates

Stagnant waters bread bugs and dead things. Your account and profile shouldn’t ever be stagnant. You need to show that you are an artist that is growing and improving with time. People don’t want to follow a side hustle. Instead, people want to follow someone who lives and breathes the music industry.

If you are able to make it a scheduled update, then you can better build anticipation in your followers. Being able to have an audience that wants to listen to your music is the best thing for an audience.2. Produce with Quality in Mind

Let’s get one thing clear. People only have a finite amount of time to listen to music. They can’t listen to everything that they want to, and also, they can’t explore everything that they want to absent quitting their job and just listening to music. As great as that sounds, people either like the music and follow, or immediately hit the next button.

This means that your music needs to have the best production that you can muster. Quality doesn’t mean cost of equipment. Quality means that you are putting your best effort forward. Don’t record a take that is just ok. Repeat the takes until you get the sound that best exemplifies your sound and your standards. People recognize an effort. People will follow an effort. People will support and effort. You need to be the effort that they see.3. Be Authentic but not Ignorant

No one likes a copycat. Further, no one likes a poser or a wannabe. Instead, you need to be yourself. People love to support the independent artist that is pathing their own path and making a name for themselves without piggybacking on others in the industry. Listeners are smarter than you think. So, the goal is to keep a sound that is authentic to you and to what you want your music to represent.

However, don’t be an idiot. If something isn’t working, you need to switch it up. You can still be authentic while being smart about your music. If you notice that a certain sound works, run with it. Explore your inner artist buy seeing what your audience enjoys and wants more of. This keeps you thinking about your own growth and what will keep dollars in your pockets.4. Brand Yourself Early

Brand your identity. It could be in the form of a band name or a solo artist name. It could be your actual name or a different name that connects with you. The bad thing to do is to change on a whim. You need to be purposeful about what you call yourself and what you represent to the world around you.

If you brand yourself, you can use that branding across all of your platforms and audience facing pages. Branding connects your sound to you image. Your image can be used to represent the side of your music you want to impress. So, a light name can be matched with light music, a hard name for hard music, or a technical name for math rock.5. Market Across Platforms

Spotify won’t make you rich alone. You need the proper marketing to build your exposure and your audience. Digital marketing happens across all types of social media platforms. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, TikTok, and anything else that is popular. 6. Purposefully Build a Following

If you want to build a following, then you need to buy Spotify plays. This means that you can pay someone to listen to your music. Each play is a unique listen that is recorded to your account. This is important because you need to market your numbers to Spotify and the people that see your account. 

It is an easy and cheap process that is effective and efficient on improving your metrics and Spotify shares. As your numbers improve, Spotify will start to share your music more liberally. So, to get more followers, buy plays to get Spotify to share your music more.

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