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Opinion: Britt McHenry Tantrum Another Example Of Hot Woman Entitlement

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By now many of you have heard and seen ESPN reporter Britt McHenry’s recent verbal tirade towards a parking lot clerk.

What is truly sad is that her recent actions may have set back the notion of women not being sex objects, equal pay in adding another sad example of how attractive women proverbial strut around with a blatant sense of entitlement.

McHenry is just the most public version of what we see everyday and everywhere ranging from the office to nightclubs and bars, attractive women have always gotten to their current place in life mainly because of their looks and not their personality.

With the recent security tape of McHenry verbally abusing the tow girl for just doing her job and then attacking her for not only doing it, but to go as far as to pile on in terms of her appearance, job title is a glaring—and sad—example of a double standard that our social media-driven culture enables.

We are all guilty of putting hot sideline reporters such as McHenry on a pedestal due to her looks, and watch ESPN mainly for a chance to glimpse at the likes of her and the Worldwide Leader in Sports’ never-ending factory of Erin Andrews clones every day.

Now, you are probably wondering why a soon-to-be 39-year-old married man is blogging about such a topic as McHenry? The reason is I’ve seen enough Britt McHenry’s in my lifetime at work and out and about to offer such an opinion from a male point without sounding misogynist and out of the MAXIM/Rant Sports fan-boy demographic.

This isn’t about me calling out McHenry or other attractive women in general, but I feel that such actions will send the wrong message and enable others like her to go around verbally abusing other’s because of their cushy job or looks.

That being said, who exactly is McHenry to talk down to another human being like that? The answer; another overly worshipped sideline reporter princess ogled by horny males everyday.

One would think that someone in the public eye and position that McHenry is at ESPN, would know better than to fly off the handle like that, right? Perhaps if she were to take a walk in the average person’s shoes she’d know that people would kill to be in the type of position that she is in.

Again, another example of an attractive woman feeling she is better than the average Joe.

Will ESPN do the right thing and terminate her?

Far from it, as she is a valuable “asset” in helping them keep their grip on the 18-40 demographic, and after allowing such “journalists” such as Stephen A. Smith, over-coverage of Michael Sam,  and the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin bully scandal and I’ll hold my breath on Bristol telling McHenry, “Bye, Felecia”

Eventually the fake outrage over McHenry will die down and she will go about her business of interviewing players and offering what is the equivalent of eye candy on Sundays.

Strip away the expensive dresses, makeup, heels and hopefully McHenry comes out of this as a better person who will learn that being in front of the camera also means someone is always watching.

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