Tired of ordering veggie and impossible burgers that taste like a “healthy” version of a burger? Not anymore! Enter Plant-based EXTRA MARKET, INC

Brooklyn native and American artist, designer and skateboarder Jamie Story set out to create the perfect burger in LA, while injecting some spice into the neighborhood by offering not just a restaurant, but a one-stop-shop market, gallery, and 2,000 square foot event space for emerging artists, chefs and designers, with revolving menu specials and themes every month. 

Story has a background in grilling and hospitality as well as launching a clothing and accessories brand $, working with Supreme, Nike and Sony in the past.

Blending art, photography, fashion and video, EXTRA will welcome and showcase up-and-coming creatives into the space. Although Story planned to open in March, the pandemic hit and riots took place right outside of his shop. Luckily, his restaurant was spared.

457 N. Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036
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