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NFL: Johnny Manziel expects to start for Cleveland Browns

[caption id="attachment_27874" align="aligncenter" width="400"] #2 Johnny Manziel and #6 Brian Hoyer (Photo: Mark Duncan, AP)[/caption] CLEVELAND- Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel told that he expects to be the starter at some point in the 2014 regular season. The Browns are currently negotiating a contract extension with quarterback Brian Hoyer. If Manziel starts, it may not be for the regular season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Former Browns quarterback Brandon
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Cleveland Browns: The Big Wally Story

What is the definition of a super fan? Is it dressing up in a costume, painting your face, and then cheering on your team? Or is it being a walking football encyclopedia that is more passionate about a team and the game than life itself? Cleveland Browns fans, I'd like you to meet Walter "Big Wally" Pavicic. Every single day, we read articles about the players we root for and hold dear to