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Opinion/Editorial: Why I Don’t Compare Quarterbacks From Different Eras Anymore

  Who wins in Staubach vs. Montana? How about Brady vs. Starr? Which guy out of Unitas vs. Favre? Comparing quarterbacks is something that bloggers, fan voices, and even sportswriters do just to flex their brains. It doesn’t do anything productive except be a bit of practice and I have wasted many hours arguing and debating about it. Not only the above three questions, but any of their interchangeable brothers
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Opinion/Editorial: Roger Goodell Needs To Protect The NFL Shield And Resign Immediately

    Please Note: The following views are my own and are in no way a representation of The Inscriber: Digital Magazine or any other of its employees. If you agree/disagree with the views that will be forthwith presented, please use the comment section below. Thank you. With the Associated Press reporting Wednesday that a law enforcement official sent the video of Ray Rice punching his then-fiancée—now wife—Janay to the