Cristian Tapia, best known as Tapz Money, is a completely independent artist in Wilmington DE. Tapz Money has always been fascinated by music, even from a young age, and developed a passion for writing lyrics.

In 2018, Cristian started his own record label known as MTB Records. After the record label grew bigger, Tapz Money got more exposure to the fast-paced industry. His brother Young Tapz and Luck3rd introduced “Palm Angels” under the record label MTB Records in April 2022 and quickly gained massive attention from “Palm Angels” after release, Young Tapz was verified on Instagram just after 1 month of release. To stand out from the rest of the musicians, one needs to attract the attention of the audience.

Tapz Money knows how to display his ideas in a way that attracts listeners. He does that to hook in more fans.  Intense rap music is a way to be unique. He stands out from the crowd interestingly and powerfully because of his music. He is working on new numbers. Tapz Money shared his first album “All over the Map,” in 2022. He has various songs posted on his platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud where he started. Tapz is here to ensure no time is wasted being the great rapper and entrepreneur he is, and it shows in his work.

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