The Inscriber Magazine featured Citizen Soldier as a band to lookout for as their popularity was increasing.

Their latest single that got released “Pretend My Pain Away” shows what the band is known for, which are incredibly powerful lyrics on the subject of mental health. Even more important though is that listeners are able to relate and have conversations about what Jake Segura is singing.

For example “like who I am made me impossible to love. When I just needed empathy, you buried me in so much shame. I won’t apologize for who I am, no not for one more day. I can’t pretend my pain away. I can’t out run the pouring rain, in my head, in my head, it’s like I’m hiding a hurricane.”

What Citizen Soldier does with these lyrics is help to create conversations about mental health. It helps paint a better picture to those who do not to understand or comprehend what someone is going through. In this case “Pretend My Pain Away” is about parents who do not believe that their child is struggling and keep unrealistic expectations of them.

So the child instead of opening up and talking about what is going on, shuts down. Hides everything from the parents and things will then seem fine until something tragic happens.

Now hopefully Citizen Soldier has created a song for those who are having a difficult time to take to someone they trust and let them know this is exactly how I feel. Help me get through this. Cause that is the hardest thing for anyone, admitting that they need help.


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