The crew at The Inscriber – Digital Magazine© will be making their picks for the entire playoffs and keeping record all the way until the Super Bowl.

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers

Michael Gartman: Green Bay Packers
Dave Hilts: Green Bay Packers
Robert Cobb: Green Bay Packers
Trisity Miller: Green Bay Packers
Matt Wagner: Green Bay Packers
Charlie DiSturco: Minnesota Vikings
Steven Resnick: Green Bay Packers
Johnny Machurek: Green Bay Packers
Scott DelleFave: Green Bay Packers
Jeffery Everette: Green Bay Packers

Seattle Seahawks at Washington Redskins

Michael Gartman: Seattle Seahawks
Dave Hilts: Washington Redskins
Robert Cobb: Seattle Seahakws
Trisity Miller: Seattle Seahawks
Matt Wagner: Seattle Seahawks
Charlie DiSturco: Seattle Seahawks
Steven Resnick: Washington Redskins
Johnny Machurek: Seattle Seahawks
Scott DelleFave: Seattle Seahawks
Jefferey Everette: Washington Redskins

Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens

Michael Gartman: Baltimore Ravens
Dave Hilts: Indianapolis Colts
Robert Cobb: Indianapolis Colts
Trisity Miller: Indianapolis Colts
Matt Wagner: Baltimore Ravens
Charlie DiSturco: Baltimore Ravens
Steven Resnick: Baltimore Ravens
Johnny Machurek: Baltimore Ravens
Scott DelleFave: Baltimore Ravens
Jefferey Everette: Baltimore Ravens

Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans

Michael Gartman: Houston Texans
Dave Hilts: Houston Texans
Robert Cobb: Houston Texans
Trisity Miller: Cincinnati Bengals
Matt Wagner: Cincinnati Bengals
Charlie DiSturco: Houston Texans
Steven Resnick: Cincinatti Bengals
Johnny Machurek: Cincinatti Bengals
Scott DelleFave: Cincinatti Bengals
Jefferey Everette: Houston Texans

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