If you have moved home before, you know how stressful it can be. There is so much to get done, and at times, the list feels endless. From packing up your house to finding where everything should go in your new home, there are ways to lessen that stress. Here are seven easy ways to do that, so you can enjoy your new home in peace.

1: Take Time off Work

The last thing you want when moving is to have work stress added on top of it, so do yourself a favor and take a couple of days off work. When you are running around packing up your last items, helping the movers, and making sure you’ve left everything clean, you won’t want to think about going to work in the morning.

2: Hire Movers in Advance

Being organized is important to combat moving stress. By hiring movers in advance, it’s one thing you can tick off your list. Sometimes, however, all your responsibilities can leave you with little room for planning, so hiring a same day moving company will come in handy. By knowing you have both options, you can rest assured that your belongings will end up exactly where they need to be in safe conditions.

3: Get Friends to Help Pack

If the workload feels overwhelming, enlist the help of your friends! You can even make a fun day out of it. Get some snacks in, make a big pot of coffee, and get to work on packing your stuff. Surely a lot of interesting stories will come out of going through your belongings!

4: Make a Definite List

This one is important. By making a list, you get to see all your responsibilities in physical form. This way, they feel tangible, and you know that you have control over them. When you go through each task, remember to tick it off the list so you can see your progress.

5: Label Everything!

The process of unpacking will be utterly disastrous without the simple use of labels. Use them for everything. When you pack a tiny box full of cutlery, don’t assume you’ll remember what is in there. Remember, movers will be helping you out, and a label will give them direction with the box. You’ll greatly reduce the amount of work you have to do at the other end in an easy but effective way.

6: Find a Babysitter and/or Pet Sitter

On moving day, you won’t have time to look after your kids or pets. You don’t want to be managing the heavy furniture leaving your front door while your child runs around your feet and your dog is barking at all the strange faces! Spending a little money on a babysitter and pet sitter to look after them will allow you to deal with the day without interruption.

7: Be Excited!

While it is stressful, moving should also be exciting! You’re doing it for a reason, after all, so embrace each messy moment of the day and just go with it. Once you reach your new home, remember that it’s a place that you’re going to fill with happy memories and start a new chapter in your life.

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