kinky sexual desires
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Ms. X: 5 Ways to Satisfy your Kinky Sexual Desires

Sexual fetishes and desires are quite common and most people have experimented with one or more kinky sexual desires or acts. This is also known as unusual or unconventional sexual interest and can range from feet fetish to dirt. Fetishes have been evolving and over the years they have been discussed more. Many have begun expressing their desires without the fear of being judged. It is not as uncommon as
give the best orgasm
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Ms. X : How to Give the Best Orgasm to your Lady Partner?

An orgasm is like an intense and pleasurable feeling that courses through the human body when one is indulging in sexual activities. However, we must understand that not all people indulging in sex or such activities find an orgasm. The number of women who don’t reach an orgasm is surprisingly high. Most women say that this happens because they are not stimulated sufficiently. If you are a man and want
sexual excitement
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Ms. X : 5 Ways a Woman Controls her Sexual Excitement

Women have equal sexual drive as men. Although, they are better at controlling it. Men are more expressive about these things and they usually give in to their temptations. On the other hand, women can control it better and they usually avoid talking about the same as well. However, there are different trick and strategies that women use to control their sexual excitement. Sometimes, they have just met someone and
penetrative sex
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Ms. X : Why some Women Feel Foreplay is much better than Penetrative Sex

Ah, the good old topic of why women like foreplay so much. This topic is quite close to me as I am one of those. From all the experiences I have had, I have seen that penetrative sex doesn’t always get me there. But foreplay – making out, touching, spanking, sucking, you get the drift, is something that I always look forward to. It’s the feeling when the stirrings start.
quick solo sexual pleasure
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Ms. X : How Men and Women can get Quick Solo Sexual Pleasure?

Trying to get quick solo sexual pleasure can be a good practice in certain situations. Especially now with the pandemic, solo pleasure is your best bet. Plus, sometimes you don’t have enough time to find a partner for sexual release. And self pleasure is a great way to get release when you need it most and are in a hurry. Here are some ways, men and women can ensure self-pleasure.
attract a woman
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Ms. X : 5 Things that Could attract a Woman for Second time Sex with you

You went online and found a woman who you could potentially like. You both met and then the attraction was such that you couldn’t help but engage in naughty and intimate behaviour. It was so good, that you already knew once wouldn’t be enough. But the next morning she is out the door before you fully woke up. And now you want to see her again. What can attract a
innovations for sexual pleasure
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Ms. X : 5 Great Innovations for Sexual Pleasure and Improving Intimacy

Sexual pleasure is getting more attention as we realise it isn’t bad to talk about it. Sexual intimacy, satisfaction and pleasure are more openly discussed now compared to earlier years. It’s completely fine to get yourself a sex toy and it isn’t considered a taboo anymore. Because of this, there have been amazing innovations for sexual pleasure which have made many happy. There could be a single man who could
extra marital affair
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Ms. X : Factors that lead to extra marital affair

There is a popular word pointing out that couples are made in heaven, but marriages are done on earth. But this marriage might not be the ultimate of happiness, when some third person steps into the relationship, making it more complicated. There might come a time when your relationship requires a counsellor, but before that, you can sit and analyse some points that often lead a partner to the path
find pleasure while having sex
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Ms. X : 5 Things in which Women Find Pleasure while having Sex

Pleasure and sex have never been talked about from a woman’s perspective. It is the men’s pleasure that has been the prime focus and even porn movies would focus on what men want. Not that things have changed drastically today, but yes, women are more vocal about sexuality. But, how to find pleasure while having sex? Sex is an act which is meant to feel good. A traditional definition for