make virtual sex real fun
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Ms. X : How to Make Virtual Sex Real Fun for your Woman Partner?

Long distance relationships are not as easy as they look. You literally have a relationship with your phone only. It is quite frustrating for couples to maintain such a relationship. Although, video calls have made it possible to have virtual sex. You need some form of physical intimacy for the relationship to sustain and grow. Thus, a lot of couples prefer to indulge in to virtual sex. We will see
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Escorts: How to Get Paid to Have a Social Life!

With the economy as it is today, everyone is beginning to feel the pressure to take on a second job. However, most side-jobs make it hard to balance the pressure to bring in extra income with your desire to live your life to the fullest. Grocery shopping for others, delivering food, or driving people around can become draining fast. Even a job at your local coffee shop or boutique becomes
Things a man notices in a woman
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Ms. X : 5 Things a Man Notices in a Woman and Gets Hard Instantly

I am writing this article out of experience and a little interest in the results of a caul conversation that I had with some people. The conversation had participants who had been my lovers and boyfriends and some friends. Some men and even some women are highly sexual creatures. They like sex genuinely and can feel horny at any time. I have noted that they make really good lovers when
basic dating etiquette
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Ms. X : Basic Dating Etiquette Men Must follow

Dating can be quite overwhelming and confusing sometimes especially if it is your first time or you are afraid to mess things around with your special someone. It is quite complicated at times when it comes to dealing with different types of individuals as a wrong step can totally ruin the future for two people who happen to like each other a lot. Men are often stressed when it comes
build a stronger relationship
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Ms. X : How Important is Intimacy to Build a Stronger Relationship?

Intimacy is one of the foundations of a good, healthy and happy relationship. And whenever we say intimacy, the first thing you may think about is sex. But is intimacy only about sex? Intimacy has a definition that is inclusive of sex, but it is not just about sex. It is a lot more than that. First, let us try understanding what intimacy is. In general terms, intimacy is the
Things That Attracts a Woman
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Ms. X : 5 Things That Attracts a Woman For a One-Night Stand

A one-night stand is a subject that isn’t much talked about. Many balk at it and some are excited about it. Many women don’t feel ok with the idea of a one-night stand, but with so many wanting sex outside normal relationships, this has become quite common. Women’s hesitation is understandable as they aren’t sure what this will be. Will just be sex and done? Or will it have something
Know if a Man Can Perform Well on the Bed
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Ms. X : Ladies – How to Know If A Man Can Perform Well In Bed?

Sexual pleasure is a necessary part of well-being. The feeling of intimacy and love makes people happier. Sex is required in any romantic relationship. But can you tell if your man is good in bed when you are dating and haven’t had sex yet? You would think not, but there those few subtle cues that can guide you to know if a man can perform well on the bed or