extra marital affair
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Ms. X : Factors that lead to extra marital affair

There is a popular word pointing out that couples are made in heaven, but marriages are done on earth. But this marriage might not be the ultimate of happiness, when some third person steps into the relationship, making it more complicated. There might come a time when your relationship requires a counsellor, but before that, you can sit and analyse some points that often lead a partner to the path
find pleasure while having sex
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Ms. X : 5 Things in which Women Find Pleasure while having Sex

Pleasure and sex have never been talked about from a woman’s perspective. It is the men’s pleasure that has been the prime focus and even porn movies would focus on what men want. Not that things have changed drastically today, but yes, women are more vocal about sexuality. But, how to find pleasure while having sex? Sex is an act which is meant to feel good. A traditional definition for
who like BDSM the most
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Ms. X : Who likes BDSM the most- Men or Women?

BDSM is a sexual practice that involves pleasure and pain. BDSM stands for bondage, dominance, discipline, sadism and masochism. The people or users of BDSM gain erotic pleasure out of the experience – the pleasure beyond degradation, and pain. Some use it as a part of sexual foreplay but some live a lifestyle on this basis. For the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on the sexual aspect
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Ms. X : Is Spanking an Art which all Men Can’t Do?

Spanking is an act which involves hitting the buttocks. If done properly, it can enhance pleasure and make sex more interesting. It reminds me of the movie – The Secretary, where the woman gets so much pleasure from being naughty and spanked. People who indulge in BDSM often use spanking as a means to pain and pleasure. Some women like being spanked and they don’t have to like BDSM for
lonely men find sexual pleasure
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Ms. X : How Can Lonely Men Find Sexual Pleasure?

Living alone is sometimes a choice and sometimes circumstance. Living lonely could be a choice but it isn’t easy. I live alone but sometimes it gets hard just living day in and day out by myself, in silence. And in such circumstance if you lack in proper sex life then it may get frustrating sometimes. Sex is a natural, normal desire for humans and there are multiple benefits of sexual
sexually assaulted during a date
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Ms. X: Things a Woman Can do if they get Sexually Assaulted During a Date

The world of dating has changed a lot – from meeting friends of friends to meeting someone you have met online. Though technology has made lives easier, the internet is still a murky place. You can never know who is what behind that profile picture and genuine looking messages. 90% of people who have faced assault are women and around 60% know their assailants. Many women have also been sexually
look seductive
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Ms. X : 5 Things Women Can do to Look Seductive

Women have different bodies and each body type is beautiful. There are different shapes and sizes of bodies and each is attractive on its own. Now if you want to particularly look seductive and sexy and convey a message then there is no one formula. There are a few things you can do enhance your natural attractiveness and bring focus on certain areas that scream sexy! Makeup Nothing highlights the
cum in the mouth
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Ms. X : Why are Men so Obsessed about Cum in the Mouth?

Sex is accepted and practised in many forms and different people like things differently. Vanilla sex is just the missionary position wherein a man penetrates a woman in her vagina and lies over her as they have sex. But many have different desires or kinks that make them feel good. Men in particular are found to like cumming in a woman’s mouth. I don’t know about all men, but all